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Saturday my sister Johanna and I ran the Fast Feet for Families 5K in Janesville. Our other sister Jeni was supposed to run with us, but it turned out she couldn’t miss a Saturday morning class. We still haven’t done a 5K all of us together even though we’ve been trying to do this for several months now!
It was nice the weather was about 10 degrees cooler than it had been all week, but it certainly wasn’t cool! This was a really small race, I think they said they had 100 runners. It had some small race issues, it started late and the course was long. But it was a great choice because parking was really convenient and it wasn’t crowded, which made it a lot easier for Dada and the kids to come!

My splits tell the story here: 11:15ish in the first mile, which was a big downhill, 12:45ish in mile 2, which was relatively flat, and 14:something in the last mile, as it was going up the big downhill from the beginning. It was an out and back course and they must have put the turnaround out a little too far. I’m not sure I would have signed up if I’d see the course profile beforehand!

The first 2.5 miles actually felt a lot more comfortable than I expected. It was hot, but it helped going downhill to start and it was a secluded road with plenty of shade. I walked through the two water stations but ran the rest. Unfortunately then I hit the big up hill. I ended up alternating walking and running until I finally got to the top of the big hill.
My garmin beeped 5K just before 39 minutes and my official time was 40:54. It still isn’t my worst 5K ever, and pretty good for a long course with a huge hill at the end and super hot!
Johanna finished a couple minutes behind me. I think she said her time was 44:something.
Allie and I walked up the road to cheer on Aunt Johanna. Allie had a lot of fun cheering for me and Johanna.

I don’t really love small races, but this one was good because of the convenience for handling the kids. They ended up going back to the car and reading books while I was out running. It didn’t bother me that it started late and it was kind of a bummer that it was long, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a PR! I did get a great shirt and they had a TON of food! Homemade treats like cupcakes and brownies and stuff, and doughnuts! I grabbed a bunch and shared it with Dada and Allie and still managed to eat too much.


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