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Garden stroll

Saturday we took a little trip up to the east side to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. This place will always be a special to us as we had our wedding reception there in 2007. I’ll never forget that first time we visited the gardens in the summer 2006 soon after getting engaged. We had to have our wedding there!

We like to go for the Holiday Express and also the Blooming Butterflies (though we just missed them this year!). Its not that often we think of just going to stroll the gardens though. And there are plenty of gardens to stroll and its free. So Saturday we went and strolled the gardens for a little over an hour. We just let Allie run and she got quite tired out! I got some great pictures of Allie in addition to the scenery.

We were all exhausted by time we were ready to go home, and I’m not sure we even saw half of the gardens. There’s so much there and its always changing.

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Zoo day

Wednesday, Mama took the day off work and we took a trip the the Milwaukee County Zoo. In spite of the heat, we had a great time!

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We go to the Madison zoo a lot, but that one’s pretty small. We liked seeing all the new animals in Milwaukee. We got to see all the animals we wanted, but the wolves. They were sleeping in their dens when we got to their area.

It was a great day, but so exhausting! Allie and Peyton were going to take turns using the stroller, but Allie ended up using it most of the time while Mama wore Peyton. We got quite a workout hiking around the big zoo in the hot afternoon.

I think our favorite animals were the giraffes:
And the elephants… this one came and gave us quite a show!

Dada and Allie

Dada and Allie

Mama, Allie and Peyton's hat

Mama, Allie and Peyton’s hat

Dada and Peyton trying to drink... he didn't get any!

Dada and Peyton trying to drink… he didn’t get any!

Mama, Allie and giraffe

Mama, Allie and giraffe

Dada and Allie

Dada and Allie

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World’s greatest Dad

I made this coffee mug for Dada a couple weeks ago, and it couldn’t be more true:
105I’d wanted to do it for Father’s Day, but I didn’t think of it in time. It was a total surprise to Dada when I gave it to him and it made his day!
104Daycare took vacation this week, which meant Dada got to have both kids mostly by himself. This is a challenge, especially in our tiny house. I took Wednesday off and we went to the Milwaukee Zoo. The other days Dada took them to the park and colored and played Candyland and all sorts of other things. They had a great time for most of it, I think!
014Here is one great Dada. We love you Dada!

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My hunk


I agree with this onesie! But you can’t have him girls! He’s mine!

This is a very tired Peyton. I took today off work and we went to the Milwaukee zoo. We had a great time and we are all exhausted. Poor Peyton had another hard night’s sleep last night with a runny nose. There is an obscene amount of snot dripping from his nose. I hope he sleeps better tonight… we could all use some good sleep. He’s in bed now… we’ll see I guess.

Zoo pictures to come, hopefully by this weekend!

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6 months

And at six months… Peyton’s still a little shrimp! We had his 6-month check up this afternoon and he weighed in at 15 pounds 6 ounces and 25 3/4 inch long (when do you start saying tall, when they stand up?). That puts him in the 12th percentile for both height and weight. He’s still moving up along the curve, but his percentile has gone down every time! He’s healthy and happy though, and the doc wasn’t concerned. I learned after being needlessly worried about things with Allie that if the doctor isn’t concerned, I shouldn’t be concerned either!
Last weekend I finally got the high chair tray all washed up to use again. Just look how tiny he looks with that big tray in front of him! We still haven’t tried anything other than green beans and carrots, and carrots seem to be by far his favorite. He ate almost the entire cup of carrots tonight at dinner time! We have some other stuff to try, but you’re supposed to introduce foods slowly and watch for reaction, so I figured if he’ll be reacting to his shots, we should wait on any new food.
I’m noticing that he really is interested in what’s going on around him now and he really likes to play. He’s so happy and he kicks his legs like crazy and smiles and giggles constantly.

He’s moving out of the “bump on a log” stage. Its fun to put him down on his big blanket on the floor and see where he will go. He inches around on the floor to change the direction he is laying. He still doesn’t roll much, and he’s only rolled from his back to tummy once. Allie was a late roller too, but made up for it later. We need to have more play time with putting his toys out of reach. That’s what makes him try to roll. He’s tried a few times since the first time and can’t quite do it yet, so he gets a little frustrated.

We’re still having teething issues every few days and those teeth aren’t any closer to cutting, at least not from what I can see.

Today is a big accomplishment for me in the area of breast feeding. I had such a hard time with Allie for various reasons that I can’t even really remember anymore. I breast fed her til 6 months and I can’t remember if I started or finished weaning her when she turned 6 months. At the time I was surprised I made it that long.

Now, however, I have no thoughts of weaning Peyton. I had some issues in May and June that almost caused me to consider weaning, but I figured it all out and now its all good! I don’t really know what kind of goal I have for how long to continue breast feeding now. I suppose if I went a year that would be cool. My immediate concern is maintaining my supply during our trip to Las Vegas in three weeks. Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

The last six months have been great. Its funny how similar the experience is, but also how different it is with the second kid. I can’t wait to see where the ride takes us next!

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Window shopping

Saturday afternoon we had a nice family trip downtown. We started with lunch at Paisan’s and then went to State Street, where we walked around for awhile and then got some ice cream. We were entertained by Allie as she discovered the fun things in the store windows.
Well, first the badgers by State Street Brats!
Allie is a big fan of rubber duckies… and an even bigger fan of the big rubber duckies!
She liked seeing the dresses and shoes, but especially the mannequin head with the orange wig.
Or the purple head with sunglasses.
We almost went into this sweet shop to buy a treat! But I don’t think we could have picked just one!
Peyton enjoyed looking around from his perch on Mama. He had the best vantage point, I think! He got a nice cat nap in between taking in the State Street scene. He’s 6 months old tomorrow!

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All smiles


Just look at that cute face! Turns out, Peyton smiles for the camera just fine if the flash is off. He’s really starting to play with toys if we put them in his hands. He lo es grabbing the toys that hang above him on his activity mat. And he rolled from his back to his tummy on Saturday!


He also doesn seem to have complaints about tummy time anymore. I’m really enjoying spending more time with him in play time instead of just feeding or other chores. Whereas Allie would be just fine if we left her alone, Peyton gets mad if someone isn’t paying attention to him.