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Back in June 2012, I ran 9 miles on June 30, the day I found out I was pregnant. I totaled 100.6 for that month and it was the second time I’d had a 100-mile month. The time before that was October 2011, when I ended a 100-mile month by spraining my ankle on Halloween morning.

My expectations are a bit less now. With this afternoon’s run I finally passed 100 miles for the year! I started logging my miles at the end of April when I got my new shoes. After Thursday’s run I was at 99.9 and with 4.5 this afternoon I have run 104.4 miles this year. Hopefully I get to 200 a little faster.

Just over four months after I resumed running, I’m finally getting to the point where running feeling a lot more normal. Every run lately is feeling stronger. I love realizing my legs are feeling strong more often than they feel fatigued, most of the time at least.

I’ve had a few factors contributing to my improvement. I recently had my thyroid medicine increased. I had my thyroid tested when I felt excessively tired for awhile, but I didn’t realize how much it had affected my energy even before it got to the point where I asked to be tested. Now that I’ve got the right amount of medicine, my energy is a lot better. That makes it a lot easier to get up for the early morning runs. It also helps me feel better after. My muscles were getting really sore from doing practically nothing before I had my medicine increased. 

No doubt the cooler weather is helping too. I’ve had a few of the “gut it out” hot runs that I’m sure have helped my endurance level. But its way easier to run in cooler temperatures! I’m so glad we’ve mostly had decent weather this summer instead of the drought of 2012.

Maybe the most important factor is motivation. Now that running is feeling more normal again, I’m looking forward to it again! Motivation is so important.

My goal lately is to just be consistent. In mid July when I was still tired and it was so hot, I had one week where I only got out to run once. My goal is to run three times a week consistently. And I’m happy to report all the factors have combined so that I’ve run three times a week for the last three weeks! Last week I finally broke into the double digits with 10 for the week and this week I got 10.5 miles.

I’ve run 25, 27 and 29 miles the last three months. This month’s goal is to pass 30, and I am well on my way with 17.5 in the first 10 days!

The biggest hurdle right now is that consistency. Individual runs feel good, but I notice after a few I start feeling really tired. That’s how I felt on Thursday morning, but I pushed through and felt great after. I know I just need to be consistent. Instead of skipping a run because I feel tired, I need to just run slower or shorter. Before I was skipping runs and that didn’t really help.

My ultimate goal is a 10K in the fall. I picked the Haunted Hustle 10K. That was the half marathon I ran last year at 20 weeks and I really liked the event. I also found out they added a 5K this year and moved the 5K and 10K to Saturday night. So I’m hoping my sisters will run the 5K too! 

I am starting to feel more confident in my goal. This afternoon I headed out to run 4 miles, but I was open to 2.5 or 3 since Thursday’s run was so hard. Well I headed out and I was feeling so good, I decided to run 4.5! It was cool because as my runs are getting a bit longer, I’m reuniting with parts of my running route around my neighborhood I haven’t been on in 10 months or more!  I’ve been increasing my long run by a half mile every few weeks. but wasn’t planning on increasing this week, so it was a nice surprise.

With pushing up to 4.5 in August, I am sure I can progress to 5 in September and 5.5 or 6 by race day in October. So this should work. Its so fulfilling to finally feel so good running! I haven’t had that postpartum speed improvement some women have, but that doesn’t matter to me at all. Right now it just feels good to be out there enjoying myself!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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