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Turns out we never really knew the joy of teething. Allie’s teeth all came in with relatively little to no fuss, except for her molars (and those weren’t even that bad). We’ve been blaming unexplained crankiness from Peyton on teething for months now. But after the last week, I now know we didn’t know teething… because we’ve met with it in full force the past week. My poor baby. 😦

In one of my online groups, we used to write “no love” letters sometimes when we were annoyed/unhappy. Here’s my current gripe:

Dear Incisors,

Would you please just cut through Peyton’s gums so I can have my happy baby back? I’d really like it if we could all have a good night’s sleep and a day without constant fussing. We will all be much happier if you’d hurry this process along a bit.

No Love,
Mama, Dada and Peyton

From what I remember, the bottom incisors are supposed to cut first, but that’s not always the case. I see white spots on Peyton’s top gums that aren’t too close to the surface. So if what I see is any indication, we’re not particularly close to the end of this first round. Hopefully I’m wrong and we’ll have a tooth soon and a break from this fun. We’re giving him some tylenol and got him a teething toy. We’ve also found giving him a wet wash cloth to chew on seems to help.

In other news, Peyton has tried green beans and carrots, and I think he likes them. But it seems he still doesn’t quite “get” the whole eating from a spoon concept. I don’t remember at all how we did solids with Allie and how we progressed and what not. I’m not too worried about it though.


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