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Peyton didn’t nap well yesterday and he didn’t sleep well last night. He woke up this morning and was in a seemingly good mood. He’s got these perpetual red eyes from not sleeping. He has them again tonight.
This picture is amusing because Allie likes to have her Allie-gator sit in the high chair during breakfast. And she insists Allie-gator stay even when Peyton is to occupy the seat.

I took his temp a bit later and found he had a low-grade fever. He had some tylenol at daycare today and slept 5 hours. Tonight he’s just sat in my lap without doing much and he’s with Dada now. We have a sick baby. 😦 He was falling asleep so I put him to bed before 7 and he slept about an hour. He woke up and has resisted going back to sleep. I think we’re in for another long night here in the Durso house 😦


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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