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Fight night in Vegas

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If Vegas is pretty crazy on a normal day, it is just insane on fight night. Isn’t there some saying about that?
Friday we set out to walk the Strip down to Mandalay Bay to see the sharks. We made it as far as the MGM Grand and instead spent a couple hours checking out the atmosphere.
Doug and I had already picked the weekend of Sept. 12-15 before the Mayweather Canelo fight was announced. When it was announced we decided to book anyway so we could experience the atmosphere, maybe see a few celebs. As it turned out, we may have seen Mayweather’s kids, but no confirmed celebrity sightings.
As the weekend drew closer and Doug was surprised at the amount of coverage the fight was getting, we were afraid the atmosphere would just be waiting in more and longer lines. That really wasn’t the case in most places, but the MGM was packed and crazy. We got there on Friday about two hours before the fight’s weigh in.
We weren’t interested in the fight at all, but the display with Mayweather’s wardrobe from notable fights was cool to see.
They had a ring set up in the center of the main lobby with the MGM lion. We walked through the MGM on Saturday afternoon as well, and it was even more packed and crazy and there was someone standing guard there.
I guess the weigh in wasn’t a ticketed event because Doug wanted to walk down by the arena to check out the scene. We went all the way into the concourse but decided we didn’t want to stay for the event because we were exhausted from all the walking. 149
The weekend was Mexican Independence Day, maybe thats why the fight was scheduled then? There was a mariachi band playing outside the concourse and when we first walked through there was a TV crew filming them. We saw that mariachi band later on ESPN so its likely we were watching them filming that highlight!
By this time the weigh in was about an hour away and was going to last an hour. I don’t think we’d had lunch yet and we were exhausted from the morning’s walking. We had gone into the MGM to find the monorail and ride down to Mandalay Bay and when we finally got to the monorail, we found that the MGM was the last stop. So instead we went back to the Mirage for a little vegging time.
I got these last couple pictures of the front with the iconic lion on Saturday. On Friday we’d just ducked into the first entrance we came to so we could cool off.

We saw our show on Saturday night and the place was basically empty, so our free tickets in the balcony were complementary upgraded. I don’t know if it was because of the fight or if the place is normally empty, but we didn’t ask questions!

We did get in on a bit of betting action in Vegas with some little loyalty bets. We also put a little money on Mayweather and won!


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