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And she’s 4

Who’s that big girl? I can’t believe how grown up Allie suddenly seems!
I am SO glad Allie was better today from the bug she had yesterday! She was queen of the castle at daycare. Then we got a special birthday dinner from McDonald’s… that she only ate maybe one bite from. I expected that, I suppose. She was too excited!

Here’s a few pictures from the night. Grandma and Grandpa Durso sent presents too, so Allie has a lot of fun new things to play with!
She got a birthday girl crown!
That’s the package from Grandma and Grandpa Durso! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
The one item Allie started asking for awhile ago was a Princess Twilight Sparkle. She loves My Little Pony, and had lots of ponies, including several Twilights. But Twilight just became a princess and got her wings.
She was pretty thrilled with this one!
Allie played a little with each one, and since Mama had to give Peyton a bath, Dada got to pry everything out of their boxes! Ha ha! The make packaging for childrens’ toys so hard to get into!
Last but definitely not least, birthday cupcakes.
Allie’s other request for her birthday was a kitty cake. I’m making that for Saturday when we have another little celebration. These were a good substitute for tonight.
There she is looking all grown up again!

And now on to Halloween!

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Happy birthday, my sweet Allie!

allie merge 3
How can I be the Mama of a 4-year-old? She reminds me every day that she’s a big girl, but to me she’ll always be my baby. Her birth made a miserable year better and she continues to light up our lives every day. Happy birthday baby!

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My thought going in to Saturday was that assuming I could breathe, I’d run my race. Well as it happened, I felt worse Friday night and woke Saturday morning with chest tightness and trouble breathing. And so I added one more “did not start” to my list.

I wish I could say it ended there, but it didn’t. I ended up in the Urgent Care clinic on Sunday because my chest tightness and shortness of breath was worse. Turns out I have pneumonia. Fantastic. The good news is that three days into meds, I’m feeling better, though definitely not recovered yet.

To make this even more fun, Peyton and Allie are both now sick… again. This whole crud started with Peyton more than two weeks ago now. Dada took Peyton to Urgent Care last night. He just has a virus, probably the same one I had that luckily didn’t turn into pneumonia. Allie went to daycare yesterday but came home early with a stomach bug. So we’re all home today on Tuesday. The house is a mess and no one has any clean clothes. I’m at about 65% now so Dada and I are working to get the house back in order.

Peyton didn’t sleep much at all Sunday night and slept better last night. He was up twice though and my prednisone makes sleep difficult, which hasn’t combined well with the night wake ups. I’m really tired.

However, it does seem like we may be on our way out of this mess, maybe. I sure hope we are because Allie’s birthday is tomorrow and of course there’s Halloween on Thursday!

Of course, when I couldn’t run on Saturday, my initial thoughts were finding a replacement race. The only real option at this point is the Berbee Derby. But that race is my bad luck race, where I’ve had two of my other three “did not starts.” Not to mention with pneumonia I’m sure I’m in for an extended running break, so I might not be ready for the race. It may be for the best though as I was feeling a little burned out. My plans after the Haunted Hustle were to pull back on the running and start doing some other workouts for the winter. I’ll just have to see what happens, since I’m not sure when I’ll be able to even start working out again.

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Pre-race jitters?

Tomorrow is my goal race: The Haunted Hustle 10K. Back when I was starting to run again after having Peyton, one of the first things I pondered were my running comeback and my races. I knew I wasn’t going to train for a half marathon this year. Instead I trained for a 10K and chose the Haunted Hustle 10K. This is the half marathon I ran last year at 20 weeks pregnant and in spite of the weather that day (rainy and cold), I really enjoyed that race.

I wish I could say I was more excited for tomorrow’s race. Unfortunately instead of feeling ready or excited, I’m just feeling hoarse and stuffy. We’ve had what’s becoming affectionately referred to as “the crud” in our house for going on two weeks now. Peyton brought it in the house first, then Allie got it, then Doug got it, and then I got it last Wednesday. I figured at least getting a cold more than a week before the race, I’d be fine for race day!

Well sure, but we’ve all continued to have various symptoms without a break. Allie and Peyton are both coughing a lot and have gushing runny noses. Doug is coughing as well and feels generally cruddy. I had some of the worst sinus symptoms of recent memory last Thursday, felt a bit better over the weekend, only to have sore throats every morning this week that went away later that day. Then yesterday my throat started feeling scratcy just before lunchtime. And before the end of the work day, I’d lost my voice. Today I have a man’s voice, along with a slightly runny nose, a little trouble breathing and acid reflux. Yum.

I guess I was having my doubts anyway. This year they changed the race to add a 5K and are holding the 5K and 10K Saturday evening and then the half and full marathon Sunday morning. I initially thought it was kind of cool to run a night race… and then I realized a night race might make preparing a bit different than other races between pre-race activities and eating.

The race starts at 4:30, which I think won’t be as bad as if it were at 7 or something. The other real issue is the cold! This week Mother Nature has flipped the switch from beautiful nice fall to dreary cold with freezing temps and winds to match. The temp at race time should be around 40, which wouldn’t really be that bad if the sun were up and there wasn’t any wind.

And now I just looked at the race web site and see that they changed all the courses, which kind of irritates me too. The start is in an area where I don’t remember the parking being very easy, but maybe I’ll be wrong about that. The course still goes through parts of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, which were my favorite parts of the course last year.

I’m sure it will be fine. I think it is just my exhausted bad mood that’s talking right now. Assuming I can breathe, I will run tomorrow and I will give it my best shot.

Speaking of my best shot… considering my current physical state, my goal for tomorrow is to finish. And I know if I start, I will finish. My fastest 6 miles in training were in 1:18:00, which is exactly 13 minutes per mile. I’d like to think I’ll run faster than that for the race. So I’m setting my time goal at 1:15:00. My 10K times that I can find range from 1:05:40 to 1:17:59, so I think 1:15 is a realistic goal. We shall see!

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Eight months already!

Peyton is finally becoming mobile. He loooooves his jumper. He finally started rolling only a couple weeks ago. He can cover a lot of ground by rolling and scooting. I’ve been trying to move him into his big crib in the kids room. Its a slow process, in part because he rolls in his sleep and gets stuck on the side of the crib, which wakes him up. Its not always quick to get him back to sleep though since he’s not in his own room.
He’s also starting to get up on all fours! We’ve been practicing sitting up. That skill is not perfected yet.
He’s suddenly so big! Yesterday we went out to buy a new car seat and Peyton sat in the shopping cart like a big boy! Since he’s too big to carry in the infant seat, we’re getting a new convertible seat. We didn’t end up getting it in the store though (even though said it was available in store!) and had to order it online.
I’ve been switching out clothes for the season and size. It was only a couple weeks ago I packed away all the 3-month clothes. I didn’t get out much in 9 months since 6 months still fit… except I’m realizing its all short! I feel like I’ve been spending a ton of time organizing clothes, but now I have to do it again. He’s definitely becoming a chunk!
Speaking of chunk… he loves to eat. We’ve started giving him some table foods. One of his favorites, judging from the photo above, is blueberry pancakes. There’s not a lot we can really give him though since he still has NO teeth! I swear we’ve been teeting most of his life so far and still nothing. I feel bumps in all the spots for the incisors, so I know its a matter of time. And once they finally cut, I’m sure we’re in for a fun time judging from the difficulties we’ve had thus far!

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Jolly jack-o-lanterns

I admit, it looks like I’m stabbing Allie’s head here… but really, the knife is in the pumpkin, which is well behind her.
This afternoon ended up being kind of a waste because we went to Wal-Mart hunting for a car seat from Peyton that the web site said was available in store… but it wasn’t. The day wasn’t a total waste though because we also got a pumpkin carving kit and carved our jack-o-lanterns!
Peyton enjoyed jumping away watching the fun.
Allie has a book called “The Littlest Pumpkin,” that Aunt Jeni bought her a couple years ago the she really loves. So she got a littlest pumpkin of her own, but it was too small for the pattern.
So I just went with a generic face here. It turned out pretty good, I think.
The bigger pumpkin was more of a challenge. It took a long time to clean it out. And it was harder to trace the pattern and cut it out than I expected.
Peyton loves his pumpkin! Actually I’m sure he has no clue what this is, but he was trying to pick it up and find something to put in his mouth. It was a little big for that though.
We didn’t get around to carving pumpkins last year. I’m glad we did it this year! I picked up some battery-operated lights at Wal-Mart too so we could like the jack-o-lanterns too!

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Our awesome Allie

Can I just gush about Allie for a minute? I feel bad that I can’t always give her as much attention as I’d like or write about how she’s growing into an awesome big girl.
Allie loves her baby brother. We recently started putting him in the kids’ room to sleep, and Allie has been so excited, even though he sometimes disturbs her with his crying. She loves to give him kisses and hugs.
Allie has really mellowed out from the normal toddler behavior issues we’ve had earlier this year. She is a good helper and mostly listens now when we ask her to do things (unless she’s overtired… unfortunately we can’t get her to nap anymore). I can’t believe how she talks sometimes! She’s really growing up, literally. I think she grew a couple inches over the summer so we’ve had to switch out her clothes to get longer pants and sleeves! Perhaps the best part, that Dada and I are most proud of, is that she is finally completely potty trained (during the day… we’ll tackle the night later).
Allie's birthday! 052
Hard to believe she’s already nearly 4 years old! Allie is excited for her birthday. She made one request for a birthday present, which Mama and Dada may or may not have bought. Her other request is a kitty cake. I was baking a cake a couple weeks ago and she saw the kitty cake picture in the cookbook. She hasn’t forgotten about it! I’m excited to make it for her birthday. Right now we’re all in varying stages of recovery from a cold that’s gotten each of us this week. I love October for all the fun activities, but not for getting sick! Hopefully we will all be better for Allie’s birthday in just 11 days!