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Mandalay Bay and the shark reef

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Alas, it has been three weeks and I still haven’t finished posting all the pictures from Vegas! Today’s installment: Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium.

First, the casino:
247 248 249
We took a tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay and came in at one end, and had to walk allllll the way to the other end (and it was a long way) for the shark reef.
We made this trek on Saturday morning after my massage. By the time we got there, my feet hurt and I was starving. But we didn’t find any food places where we actually wanted to eat, either because of the kind of food or price. So, like I’ve said multiple times, I probably would have enjoyed the aquarium more if I hadn’t been so worn out from the hike.
A highlight of the exhibit is the komodo dragon. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took are crappy because all the animals were behind glass and/or under water. The komodo dragon was cool though. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one.
And the sharks!
They had a sting ray touch tank. These sting rays felt different than I remembered, I guess maybe they were a different kind.
This was one place where we really missed the kids. Allie loves any kind of fishy or aquarium. We bought the kids souvenir shirts here. For Allie, her shirt that says “Stingin’ cute,” with a sting ray (that she promptly got nail polish on and I still haven’t gotten around to trying to wash it out), and for Peyton we got a onesie that says “stuck on you,” with an octopus. I don’t think we saw an octopus though, I remember seeing their tank but they weren’t in it.


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