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Saturday there was an open house at the local fire station. They do it every year, but this is the first year we were actually able to go.
The big highlight was riding in a fire truck! Allie was a little skittish and I wasn’t sure we’d get her on the truck. But she got on and she loved it, especially when they blew the horn and the sirens!
We were quite impressed with the speed the firefighters had in moving car seats in and out of the trucks! No wonder you take car seats to be inspected at the fire station! I should have asked them what kind of seat this was the Peyton was in because we need to get a new one for him soon.
But back to the fire station. We got to the open house late and missed a children’s safety presentation, medflight appearance and balloons. Allie was upset she didn’t get a balloon. Oops.
Kids also had an opportunity to shoot the fire hose and look around an ambulance. Allie liked watching the hose but didn’t want to try. She also didn’t want to get on the ambulance. It was late, she was cranky and tired.
We’ve got a busy few weeks coming up! There’s always so much fun stuff to do in October! Next weekend we’re heading to the pumpkin patch!


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