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Yesterday we had our Halloween fun day with lunch, buying a costume and the pumpkin patch. Allie was so excited to get her costume, but it will be a secret until Halloween!

We got a late start because we waited for Peyton to finish his nap. We got to the pumpkin patch around 4 and it was packed… probably a combination of the perfect weather (70 degrees and sunny, though way too windy) and the coupon we and everyone else had for $2 off admission. Unfortunately since it was late and so crowded we didn’t get to do everything we wanted, but it was still a great time!

Anyway, we started with the farm yard.
The chickens were just roaming the farm yard going into and out of the pens. Allie chased the chickens and also liked petting the donkey.
Its always hard to tell what Peyton was seeing or paying attention to, but I think he enjoyed it too. The poor baby has a cold this weekend though. 😦
Perhaps the biggest hit was feeding the goats!
After the farm yard, we got on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.
The hayride was crowded so we didn’t get to sit together on the way to the pumpkins.
Allie quickly found her perfect pumpkin. She loves her tiny pumpkin with the long stem!
We waited until we got back to the farm to pick Peyton’s pumpkin because we couldn’t carry him along with two pumpkins.
I tried to get the cute baby sitting by the pumpkins shot, but it proved futile as Peyton still doesn’t sit up well and he was also pretty tired by this time.
After we took ownership of our perfect pumpkins, we went to get some pumpkin treats. We wanted apple cider doughnuts, but they were out. So we got pumpkin cake instead.

By time we were done eating, the daytime activities were done. We didn’t get to go through the maze or see the pig races or ride the barrel train, all part of our pumpkin patch tradition, but we had fun just the same! The one tradition that we made sure to keep is to take pictures by the “How tall this fall” sign. I love looking at these pictures every year!


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