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Can I just gush about Allie for a minute? I feel bad that I can’t always give her as much attention as I’d like or write about how she’s growing into an awesome big girl.
Allie loves her baby brother. We recently started putting him in the kids’ room to sleep, and Allie has been so excited, even though he sometimes disturbs her with his crying. She loves to give him kisses and hugs.
Allie has really mellowed out from the normal toddler behavior issues we’ve had earlier this year. She is a good helper and mostly listens now when we ask her to do things (unless she’s overtired… unfortunately we can’t get her to nap anymore). I can’t believe how she talks sometimes! She’s really growing up, literally. I think she grew a couple inches over the summer so we’ve had to switch out her clothes to get longer pants and sleeves! Perhaps the best part, that Dada and I are most proud of, is that she is finally completely potty trained (during the day… we’ll tackle the night later).
Allie's birthday! 052
Hard to believe she’s already nearly 4 years old! Allie is excited for her birthday. She made one request for a birthday present, which Mama and Dada may or may not have bought. Her other request is a kitty cake. I was baking a cake a couple weeks ago and she saw the kitty cake picture in the cookbook. She hasn’t forgotten about it! I’m excited to make it for her birthday. Right now we’re all in varying stages of recovery from a cold that’s gotten each of us this week. I love October for all the fun activities, but not for getting sick! Hopefully we will all be better for Allie’s birthday in just 11 days!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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