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Peyton is finally becoming mobile. He loooooves his jumper. He finally started rolling only a couple weeks ago. He can cover a lot of ground by rolling and scooting. I’ve been trying to move him into his big crib in the kids room. Its a slow process, in part because he rolls in his sleep and gets stuck on the side of the crib, which wakes him up. Its not always quick to get him back to sleep though since he’s not in his own room.
He’s also starting to get up on all fours! We’ve been practicing sitting up. That skill is not perfected yet.
He’s suddenly so big! Yesterday we went out to buy a new car seat and Peyton sat in the shopping cart like a big boy! Since he’s too big to carry in the infant seat, we’re getting a new convertible seat. We didn’t end up getting it in the store though (even though said it was available in store!) and had to order it online.
I’ve been switching out clothes for the season and size. It was only a couple weeks ago I packed away all the 3-month clothes. I didn’t get out much in 9 months since 6 months still fit… except I’m realizing its all short! I feel like I’ve been spending a ton of time organizing clothes, but now I have to do it again. He’s definitely becoming a chunk!
Speaking of chunk… he loves to eat. We’ve started giving him some table foods. One of his favorites, judging from the photo above, is blueberry pancakes. There’s not a lot we can really give him though since he still has NO teeth! I swear we’ve been teeting most of his life so far and still nothing. I feel bumps in all the spots for the incisors, so I know its a matter of time. And once they finally cut, I’m sure we’re in for a fun time judging from the difficulties we’ve had thus far!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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