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Tomorrow is my goal race: The Haunted Hustle 10K. Back when I was starting to run again after having Peyton, one of the first things I pondered were my running comeback and my races. I knew I wasn’t going to train for a half marathon this year. Instead I trained for a 10K and chose the Haunted Hustle 10K. This is the half marathon I ran last year at 20 weeks pregnant and in spite of the weather that day (rainy and cold), I really enjoyed that race.

I wish I could say I was more excited for tomorrow’s race. Unfortunately instead of feeling ready or excited, I’m just feeling hoarse and stuffy. We’ve had what’s becoming affectionately referred to as “the crud” in our house for going on two weeks now. Peyton brought it in the house first, then Allie got it, then Doug got it, and then I got it last Wednesday. I figured at least getting a cold more than a week before the race, I’d be fine for race day!

Well sure, but we’ve all continued to have various symptoms without a break. Allie and Peyton are both coughing a lot and have gushing runny noses. Doug is coughing as well and feels generally cruddy. I had some of the worst sinus symptoms of recent memory last Thursday, felt a bit better over the weekend, only to have sore throats every morning this week that went away later that day. Then yesterday my throat started feeling scratcy just before lunchtime. And before the end of the work day, I’d lost my voice. Today I have a man’s voice, along with a slightly runny nose, a little trouble breathing and acid reflux. Yum.

I guess I was having my doubts anyway. This year they changed the race to add a 5K and are holding the 5K and 10K Saturday evening and then the half and full marathon Sunday morning. I initially thought it was kind of cool to run a night race… and then I realized a night race might make preparing a bit different than other races between pre-race activities and eating.

The race starts at 4:30, which I think won’t be as bad as if it were at 7 or something. The other real issue is the cold! This week Mother Nature has flipped the switch from beautiful nice fall to dreary cold with freezing temps and winds to match. The temp at race time should be around 40, which wouldn’t really be that bad if the sun were up and there wasn’t any wind.

And now I just looked at the race web site and see that they changed all the courses, which kind of irritates me too. The start is in an area where I don’t remember the parking being very easy, but maybe I’ll be wrong about that. The course still goes through parts of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, which were my favorite parts of the course last year.

I’m sure it will be fine. I think it is just my exhausted bad mood that’s talking right now. Assuming I can breathe, I will run tomorrow and I will give it my best shot.

Speaking of my best shot… considering my current physical state, my goal for tomorrow is to finish. And I know if I start, I will finish. My fastest 6 miles in training were in 1:18:00, which is exactly 13 minutes per mile. I’d like to think I’ll run faster than that for the race. So I’m setting my time goal at 1:15:00. My 10K times that I can find range from 1:05:40 to 1:17:59, so I think 1:15 is a realistic goal. We shall see!


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