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Who’s that big girl? I can’t believe how grown up Allie suddenly seems!
I am SO glad Allie was better today from the bug she had yesterday! She was queen of the castle at daycare. Then we got a special birthday dinner from McDonald’s… that she only ate maybe one bite from. I expected that, I suppose. She was too excited!

Here’s a few pictures from the night. Grandma and Grandpa Durso sent presents too, so Allie has a lot of fun new things to play with!
She got a birthday girl crown!
That’s the package from Grandma and Grandpa Durso! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
The one item Allie started asking for awhile ago was a Princess Twilight Sparkle. She loves My Little Pony, and had lots of ponies, including several Twilights. But Twilight just became a princess and got her wings.
She was pretty thrilled with this one!
Allie played a little with each one, and since Mama had to give Peyton a bath, Dada got to pry everything out of their boxes! Ha ha! The make packaging for childrens’ toys so hard to get into!
Last but definitely not least, birthday cupcakes.
Allie’s other request for her birthday was a kitty cake. I’m making that for Saturday when we have another little celebration. These were a good substitute for tonight.
There she is looking all grown up again!

And now on to Halloween!


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