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Where’s my baby? He’s been replaced by a little boy!
We got Peyton a new carseat a couple weeks ago because he was getting too big to carry in the infant seat and the infant seat was awkward. I got sick right after we got it, so we finally installed it on Sunday. He seems to like it! I like it too because I usually sit in the passenger seat in front of him, and the new seat isn’t as long, so I can move my seat back and have some more leg room.

Last weekend we also got Peyton a proper winter coat. He looks like such a grown up little boy in his new coat and new ride! The coat is size 12 months, the smallest size they had at the store. While it is a little big, I knew he’ll grow into it this winter. Peyton’s getting to be quite a chunk. When Dada took him in to Urgent Care when he was sick a couple weeks ago he weighed 18 pounds even. Its hard to carry him some times, it makes my arm hurt if I do it wrong or hold him too long! This weekend I need to go through his clothes… again. I feel like I’m constantly sorting clothes.
He sits up longer now if we sit him up. He’s starting to keep his balance better because every time I think he’s going to topple over, he corrects. I think he’s even trying to sit himself up, but he hasn’t figured out that he has to push himself up with his hands. When he tries to do it, he just sticks his butt out and then gives up.
I’m still trying to give him new foods, but its hard because he STILL has no teeth! We’ve found that mashed potatoes are a favorite. We went out to a buffet restaurant for lunch last weekend and it was fun having him in a regular high chair and feeding him table food. He seemed to like boiled egg, but I think the texture was weird for him because it took him a long time to swallow the white part. Sometimes when I’m feeding him he grabs the spoon. But I’m not quite ready to let him take over on feeding.
Perhaps the most scary prospect of him getting bigger is the one of mobility. He’s pushing himself up on to all fours… I got blurry proof! Of course I knew when we were trying to get him to move that once he actually started to move, we’d be trying to stop him! He scoots himself backwards and rolls around to cover the floor. He also will pull himself forward on his hands when he’s in crawling position. Its just a matter of time until he’s actually crawling… at times he has looked like he’s pushing himself forward using his legs.
I love this picture of Peyton and Dada. Peyton’s stocking cap is too big, if we leave it on him in the car it tends to slip over his eyes.


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