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Our 2013

And suddenly we’re in the last few hours of 2013!

I think it goes without saying that the highlight of the year was this little guy:
Every year has its ups and downs. The biggest down, of course, was Doug’s unemployment for much of the year. As with 2009, having a baby made an otherwise not so good time much better. There were plenty of other great highlights too, Doug’s new old job, my promotion and raise and a couple great vacations to Kansas City and Las Vegas, to name a few. I did run my goal 10K, albeit a month later than planned, and did reasonably well with the conditions. It had triumphs and challenges, and we came out on top.

In no particular order, some highlights:
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Peyton’s baptism

On Dec. 22, it snowed a lot, and Peyton was baptized.
We had every intention of doing the baptism much sooner, but it just didn’t work out. I was delighted to set it up for the weekend before Christmas to sort of multi task on celebrations. Along with the pretty decor, its a nice symbolism to have my son baptized days before we celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Though as the date drew closer I was reminded of the possibility that things scheduled in December often get canceled or at least negatively affected by snow.
That ended up being the case this time, unfortunately. We saw the forecast and worked on preparations. But as it drew closer, Doug and I realized we shouldn’t buy any food. We didn’t even get a cake to commemorate the occasion.
So we had Christmas with the Dursos Saturday night and woke up to the expected snowfall on Sunday morning. Since the Dursos were already here, they made it to the baptism. Unfortunately my family, except for Uncle Jon, who is Peyton’s Godfather, weren’t able to come 😦 It was such bad timing, I think a difference of an hour would have helped. But it did no good to complain or worry.
Our concern was to get everyone ready and to get to the church! We’d wanted to get there in time for Mass, but after Peyton’s late night, decided it would be better to get him a nap instead.
During the other baptisms, we took family pictures. Above is with Godparents, Uncle Jon Danielewicz, my brother, and Aunt Julie Midyett, Doug’s sister. Allie was really attached to Aunt Julie during the baptism!
Doug’s family, Grandma and Grandpa Durso, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Julie. 032
And my side of the family, Uncle Jon!
Last, but not least, our little family. Its been awhile since we got a nice family photo!
A few photos with Father Mike, who did the baptism. He baptized Allie too.
After everything was done, I got some pictures of just Peyton in the baptism gown. You can tell from the last few family pictures and these pictures… his nap had worn off by then! The poor baby was so tired through all of Christmas!
The gown is the one Grandma Swanson made from Aunt Jeni’s wedding dress, that has become our new family baptism gown. The blanket is the same one used by all the Danielewicz kids.
Poor baby was so tired! I did get a few good shots, but I may still do another photo shoot at a different time. We kind of wore out our welcome while we were doing the pictures. I didn’t realize right away that everyone was leaving and they were cleaning up and turning off lights. I still had to change Peyton back into his regular clothes, oops! After the baptism we ended up going to lunch at Buffalo Wildwings. It was a lot of fun to go hang out for awhile and watch football, be glad that while it didn’t turn out how we thought it would, Peyton is now baptized, and that’s all that matters. God bless you buddy!

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Little shopper


We’ve been looking forward to the new HyVee opening by our house… but they’re taking their sweet time opening. So we went to the other HyVee and discovered these awesome kid-sized shopping carts! This became our out of the house activity on Saturday. Allie loved putting her food into her cart!

Peyton wasn’t quite as impressed. We got out kinda late so he was cranky because he should have been napping. Also the seat belt was up too high. But overall,  a successful multi-tasking trip to combine fun and a chore.

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Durso family Christmas

Last weekend we had a great time celebrating Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Durso, Aunt Julie and Uncle Jeff. We had a fantastic dinner and then opened presents.
Peyton seemed to “get” ripping open the presents, though he was more interested in looking at the shiny paper and chewing on the tags.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of him smiling at the paper! It sure was cute.
Allie is very much into opening presents now. She opened her own and she helped Peyton and just about everyone else.
Just look at all those presents! We still haven’t figured out places for all of them.
The sleepy time Elmo from Uncle Jeff was one of Peyton’s favorites.
Sunday morning Allie kicked back in her new sleeper from Aunt Julie and took in some required reading from her purse book, another of her presents from Aunt Julie.

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Play day


Today Mama got to stay home with the kids while Dada went to work. It was fun to see the kids playing together! Peyton is really enjoying playing with toys now that he has some! This farmhouse of Peyton’s is a favorite of both kids.

Rather than stay home all day, I wanted to go somewhere to get out of the house, even though we’re all in the midst of colds.

We decided to go check out the Fitchburg library. They have a nice kids play and read area. There were puzzles, stuffed animals, bean bag chairs and of course, books! It was an added bonus that the floors are heated. It was a great way to kill an hour without spending any money.

We are all back to work tomorrow and the kids to daycare. It’s a good thing the weekend is coming up because we are a sad bunch, healthwise. It sure seems like I should have met my sick quota with the pneumonia two months ago. Oh well… I am slowly starting to feel better, but I thibk Dada still feels pretry bad.

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Having a great holiday

Merry Christmas to all!
We had Christmas Eve with my family last night and one more round of Christmas at home this morning.
I couldn’t believe Dunkin’ Donuts was open today… but Dada went out to get some donuts and coffee. I had some yummy peppermint mocha coffee.
Allie slept in this morning since we got home late last night. Peyton, on the other hand, woke up at 5:45 and decided he wanted to stay up. So while Dada was getting doughnuts, I had a photoshoot with Peyton until he got grumpy.
A few minutes later, Allie woke up and came down to admire Santa’s work.
I took a few pictures of the kids together, but Peyton was a little too grumpy by this point. But he perked up when it was time for presents.
Allie got three Barbies for Christmas, one of them from Santa! I can’t believe Allie has reached the Barbie age!
As with other presents, Peyton was more interested in the paper.
Its kind of strange to have an entire lazy day at home! Its been fun too, playing with all the kids toys. I’m happy Peyton is finally in the midst of a decent nap. In a few minutes I’ll make our little Christmas dinner. Its been such a fun holiday.