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Friday night we decorated the Christmas tree. Mama had to work that day and Dada stayed home with the kids. Allie was excited all day long to decorate the tree! She could hardly contain herself by the time we were getting started. Peyton enjoyed the excitement too!
Allie’s favorite part was the garland. She kept saying, “put up the garlic!”
Allie put most of the ornaments on the lower part of the tree. Aside from a few branches that have five ornaments, the tree looks pretty good!
Peyton didn’t really know what was going on, but he sure loved watching Allie in her craziness.
And then he got his ornament, which he tried to eat. The ornament of choice the “our new home” ornament from 2007, our first Christmas in this house.
Allie picked out this Monkey Ballerina last year. Each year we buy a special ornament or two. This year it will be Baby’s First Christmas for Peyton!
Mama was in charge of untangling all the ornaments and hooks and distribution.
And at the end, Peyton hung up his house ornament. He wasn’t impressed.
In spite of this picture, the tree actually looks very pretty. My camera was being weird though. It will either take a blurry picture that actually shows the lights or a clear picture that doesn’t show the lights at all. I’ll get a better picture soon. But you get the idea.


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