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Merry Christmas! We’ve got lots going on and plenty to blog about! This weekend we had Christmas with the Dursos and Peyton’s baptism. Here’s a sneak peak:
Peyton did tear some of the paper. He seemed to kind of “get” the whole unwrapping presents thing.
He liked looking at the shiny paper and chewing up the tags on the clothes better than the actual presents. I tried to get a picture of him staring at the paper, but I don’t think I got a good one. I’ll have to go back and look.
Allie was all about the presents this year. She helped everyone open theirs in addition to her own.
Sunday morning Allie kicked back for some required reading.
Saturday night into Sunday we got almost 6 inches of snow (officially 5.9 inches… the newspaper headlines read “nearly half a foot.” Apparently that sounds cooler than 5.9 inches?) The snow stopped here around 10:30 or so, I think, and we were pleasantly surprised when we left for church at the condition of the roads. Unfortunately it didn’t stop in time for my family members to make the trip from Rockford. My brother Jon, who ‘s Peyton’s Godfather, was brave enough to make the trip and we were so grateful! We were sad that many people weren’t there, but I told them all their safety is more important.
We took a lot of pictures, and by the time we got to solo pictures, Peyton was quite exhausted. In spite of our best efforts, Peyton’s naps last weekend were not sufficient, which led to some tough nights of sleep.
Peyton wore the gown Grandma Swanson made from Aunt Jeni’s wedding dress. While Allie was baptized in the same gown I, my siblings and several cousins were baptized in, with Cousin Tyler’s baptism, we started a new tradition. I might do another baptismal gown photoshoot tomorrow before we take the baptism gown back to my parents. You can definitely tell Peyton is exhausted here!
This was the last solo shot I took and probably the best!

We are heading to Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s tomorrow for our family’s traditional Christmas Eve fun. Mama still needs to finish wrapping presents! It was kind of weird going to work today and leaving for three days off in the middle of the week!


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