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On Dec. 22, it snowed a lot, and Peyton was baptized.
We had every intention of doing the baptism much sooner, but it just didn’t work out. I was delighted to set it up for the weekend before Christmas to sort of multi task on celebrations. Along with the pretty decor, its a nice symbolism to have my son baptized days before we celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Though as the date drew closer I was reminded of the possibility that things scheduled in December often get canceled or at least negatively affected by snow.
That ended up being the case this time, unfortunately. We saw the forecast and worked on preparations. But as it drew closer, Doug and I realized we shouldn’t buy any food. We didn’t even get a cake to commemorate the occasion.
So we had Christmas with the Dursos Saturday night and woke up to the expected snowfall on Sunday morning. Since the Dursos were already here, they made it to the baptism. Unfortunately my family, except for Uncle Jon, who is Peyton’s Godfather, weren’t able to come 😦 It was such bad timing, I think a difference of an hour would have helped. But it did no good to complain or worry.
Our concern was to get everyone ready and to get to the church! We’d wanted to get there in time for Mass, but after Peyton’s late night, decided it would be better to get him a nap instead.
During the other baptisms, we took family pictures. Above is with Godparents, Uncle Jon Danielewicz, my brother, and Aunt Julie Midyett, Doug’s sister. Allie was really attached to Aunt Julie during the baptism!
Doug’s family, Grandma and Grandpa Durso, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Julie. 032
And my side of the family, Uncle Jon!
Last, but not least, our little family. Its been awhile since we got a nice family photo!
A few photos with Father Mike, who did the baptism. He baptized Allie too.
After everything was done, I got some pictures of just Peyton in the baptism gown. You can tell from the last few family pictures and these pictures… his nap had worn off by then! The poor baby was so tired through all of Christmas!
The gown is the one Grandma Swanson made from Aunt Jeni’s wedding dress, that has become our new family baptism gown. The blanket is the same one used by all the Danielewicz kids.
Poor baby was so tired! I did get a few good shots, but I may still do another photo shoot at a different time. We kind of wore out our welcome while we were doing the pictures. I didn’t realize right away that everyone was leaving and they were cleaning up and turning off lights. I still had to change Peyton back into his regular clothes, oops! After the baptism we ended up going to lunch at Buffalo Wildwings. It was a lot of fun to go hang out for awhile and watch football, be glad that while it didn’t turn out how we thought it would, Peyton is now baptized, and that’s all that matters. God bless you buddy!


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