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Happy New Year!

This blog used to be called Quest for the New Normal. It could still be called that… I think as a family grows and changes, its always a quest for the new normal!

That’s sort of the theme of goals for the new year. I didn’t really make goals last year since the main goal was to give birth and then recover. Well, I’ve given birth and recovered, so now its goal time.

The first goal on my mind, maybe because its the one that I can actually place a specific number on, is running. I ran in 2013. It seemed at times I was doing better than expected and at other times worse than expected. I was losing motivation already in October leading up to my goal 10K, and then I got pneumonia. I managed to run enough in November to run the Berbee Derby 10K to get my goal distance race and accomplish my goal. Then winter came and it got really really cold, and my motivation dwindled further. I ran a whopping 9 miles in December and ended the year with 231.3. I didn’t have a mileage goal for the year, but as the year went on I thought I could run 300 miles or at least 250. By the end of December when I really did want to get going again I had Christmas crazy busy time and then this annoying chest cold that is still hanging on.

But anyway, on to the goal. I picked 600 as my mileage goal for the year. That is 11.5 miles per week, which is totally doable. I don’t know that I’ll get that mileage in the winter, but I will pick it up in the summer. I want to run two half marathons this year, in May and sometime in the fall. I’d love to run Green Bay in May and maybe the Haunted Hustle in October. Other alternatives would be the Madison halves, they have one in May and one in November now. If I only run one half, it would probably be in the fall. The goal that goes along with running 600 miles and two half marathons is learning to coordinate running with our new normal! Its hard to run with two kids while breastfeeding and when both parents are now working. Add in the occasional sleep difficulties and the arctic freeze and my motivation is only to keep sleeping in my warm bed rather than get up to run. But getting up early to run is still the most viable option to get workouts in. Also on the workout front, I need to start getting more frequent workouts and more variety. I think this whole goal will get a lot easier as Peyton nears his first birthday.

Other goals are less tangible. They will take shape in coming weeks as we work out specific plans. I think many people have the same basic goals, nothing earth shattering. We need to work on getting ahold of financial aspects of our life… really, who doesn’t? The main goal is to move sometime this year but who knows when that will work out!

Along with the financial goal is the goal to improve our health. I haven’t weighed myself probably since before Thanksgiving. I was losing a few pounds before then, but I highly doubt any of those losses made it through the holidays. I’m kind of scared of what the scale will show! I’ve lost about half the baby weight. I’d like to be on my way to losing more before Peyton’s first birthday. Weight Watchers didn’t work last year so we’re looking into other things to try. One thing I really struggle with is being hungry all. the. time. I take a lot of snacks to work and I know a key will be having fewer snacks and better snacks.

I’d like to get better organized. I’m working to get more coordinated on freezing dinners and menu planning. Also on de-cluttering our tiny house. I have already gotten a good start, but need to work on maintaining it. I really want to get rid of all the extra junk in our basement that we’ll never use again! I still have a box or two of stuff I’ve kept since college that I still haven’t been able to part with.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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