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I’ve been meaning to do a food post for awhile. I’m not a food blogger, so you’re not getting any pictures. But a blurb about the food I’ve made the last few weeks.

For Christmas with the Dursos, I made this amazing port roast from my Nook crock pot cookbook. I think it was just called best pot roast or something. Started with a 4-5 pound pork roast, 7 or 8 cloves of garlic slid into the roast, rub with basil and pepper, put in crock pot and cooked in 1 cup white cooking wine (recipe just called for wine) and a sliced up onion. Cook all day until done. Oh. My. Goodness. I want to make it again. I made it for six adults and we had tons of leftovers. I think Doug and I both had three or four meals’ worth of leftovers.

For sides I made skillet green beans and roasted garlic buttermilk smashed potatoes. Oh my. I’m a big fan of fresh garlic. In fact, I used fresh garlic in all three dishes. But I hold a special place in my heart now for roasted garlic. I can’t wait to find a reason to make it again.

The meal was completed with cookies and a store bought meat and cheese tray as appetizers and dessert was french apple pie, courtesy of Betty Crocker. I love making pie, and making the crust is my favorite part, even though they never look pretty. The pies I’ve made recently have been a bit better. I don’t do two-crust pie though, so as an alternative I like the French version with the crumb topping. It was a good meal. I really liked hosting a holiday meal, though the timing didn’t work great. It never does! I had to use the microwave for the green beans, but I had forgotten that I’d exploded butter in there (accidentally) early. So I had to clean it up!

I made a lot of cookies during Christmas: Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, mint chocolate crinkles and peanut butter chocolate chip. I last weighed myself around Thanksgiving. I was surprised this morning that I didn’t gain a ton, I may not have gained any, I can’t remember what the number was at Thanksgiving. Reading all about my food, I’m very surprised considering I haven’t been running at all in the last few weeks between being crazy busy and sick.

As part of my efforts to get more organized, I’m working to maintain a stash of freezer meals. I just made the beef stew we really like from this blog. We also just tried the chicken cacciatore that is also in that post. These bean & cheese burritos (I leave the cheese off half of them because Doug doesn’t like cheese) have become a staple (and check out the breakfast burritos).

I got a rice cooker & steamer for Christmas, and I don’t know how I lived so long without one! I’ve made brown rice twice and I’d eat rice every day, its so easy! And the cooker is so easy to clean. I’ve steamed some veggies and hard boiled some eggs, though I haven’t tried those yet. Its a bit of a learning curve to cook the rice and steam. We’ve enjoyed making oatmeal in the rice cooker too, though I’m experimenting with the recipe. Suggestions for fun things to cook or steam are welcome!

I’m feeling pretty enthusiastic about cooking right now (I’ll have to cool the enthusiasm for baking, at least for a little while!) and improving our diets. I love new kitchen gadgets! I also got a new Dutch oven. Its not the same set as the cookware I got last year, but it looks the same and I don’t care much about matching anyway. The cool think about this Dutch oven is its dishwasher safe. The less dishes I have to wash in the sink, the better (another reason I love the rice cooker).


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