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I’ve made a pretty good comeback in January, compared to how I was running in November and December. November I had the remnants of pneumonia and December I had laziness, then crazy busy, and then chest cold. Well, for January so far, I’ve beat my November mileage with 23.5 miles. November was 22.8. I won’t mention December, because I only ran 9 miles in December!

Even better, I’ve finally started going to Body Flow again! I’ve gone the past two Sundays. I could definitely tell last week that it had been several months, I was so sore for a few days. Yesterday’s class was easier and I’m not nearly as sore. I’m so glad it comes back fairly quickly! I really enjoyed doing Body Flow when I was pregnant, that was the only real workout I could do by the end. I can really see the benefit when I’m doing classes like this regularly. When I’m toning my core and back it helps with my SI joint disfunction. It also helps me get stronger in running with the strength and balance portions.

Unfortunately my running right now is on the treadmill. If it would be a little warmer and if some snow would melt so I’d have good footing, I’d happily run outside. Unfortunately the temperatures these days don’t get too warm and even if they do, I can’t trust myself to run on snowy sidewalks or streets! Not to mention running in the morning in the dark is miserable even in the best winter conditions. So I’m stuck on the treadmill. And as I do most winters, I’m dealing with shin splints. I have general shin splints but also a problem spot on the inside of my right shin. I saw the doctor about them a few years ago, she determined that the poorly maintained treadmills at the gym are to blame. So I do my shin strengthening exercises and try to alternate which treadmills I use. Its not the most comfortable process, but I don’t feel like my shins are getting any worse, and in some ways are getting better. I just ordered new shoes, so that should help too. My current shoes just got over 250 miles, which is about the limit I have for shoes when I’m on the heavier side.

I was basically starting over as I started running this month. My longest run was 3.5 miles, but that was a run where I was doing some run/walk intervals. I’m alternating between run/walk and straight running. This past weekend I noticed that if my shins weren’t having issues, I could start running a bit longer now. As it is, I’m taking a break from running for at least a few days because of the intense cold. I could drag myself out in -25 wind chills to the gym, but I figure since I’ve got this sore shin, I’ll just excuse myself, at least for today and tomorrow. My new shoes are supposed to come Wednesday, so I may just wait until I get those. I don’t know. I change my mind daily!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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