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I FINALLY made the creamy garlic pasta on Tuesday night! It was great. Its very strong on the garlic, but I like that. I don’t think Doug liked it as much, and Allie wouldn’t try it. I hope to make it again though. It also had the heavy cream and parmesan flavor that I like. That heavy cream though made it very filling. It initially seemed like only two servings so I divided it up between me and Doug. We were both stuffed and put our leftovers in one bowl that I just ate for lunch today. It still tasted great, but the cream went away and there is an obscene amount of oil remaining in the bowl. I’m not really sure what happened.

We’ve been eating really well up until the last week. Between Doug’s birthday and other assorted events, that good eating has gone way south. I’m overeating and eating bad stuff. Of course this is also during a week in which I didn’t work out like usual because of the cold and my sore shins and waiting for new shoes. Lovely how that stuff works. I’m kind of at a point where almost anything I eat is not sitting well. Hopefully that will stop as I am getting back on the eating well wagon. I don’t really call it a diet… I’m not following any kind of plan. We’re just not eating out (other than this week) and I’m making good for us dinners.

On the new shoes… I got them yesterday and I love the color!
Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure they are keepers. I ordered them online on clearance and they didn’t have my size in wide width. So I got regular width and when I ran this morning I got blisters. 😦  I’m staying optimistic though and I will try wearing my double layer running socks, which are supposed to prevent blisters. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’ll do. We can’t afford my current shoes at full price and I don’t really want to pay full price. The increase in price from model to model in running shoes is crazy! However, on my run this morning, my shins were only minimally painful, which I regarded as leftovers of the pain from running in old shoes. So if these shoes don’t work, I can’t easily go back to my old ones.

This has been a long week of cold, and when its not as cold, its supposed to snow. At least the snow doesn’t paralyze Madison like it did Atlanta! We complain about how unprepared the city of Madison seems when it snows… but from events this week in the south, I now believe Madison is quite prepared! And on that note, we laugh when the south closes everything in event of snow in the forecast… well, maybe that’s with good reason! 

Every day this week, I’ve thought it was Friday. I even thought on Tuesday that it was Friday! At least Friday is tomorrow, but that still seems a LOOOOONG way away.
Some fun in the midst of a long boring week, Peyton! He’s so proud of himself as he scoots around the house. A favorite spot is by the bathroom door, he likes to play with the door stop. Allie liked that too. We lost one of the ones from the kids room when she was playing with it a lot. 

Peyton still doesn’t crawl on all fours, I suppose because he gets around just fine with his “swimming” motion. We have noticed just over the last day or so he is getting more on all fours and making a crawling motion without actually crawling. Doug and I think he’s going to go straight to walking though. Its time to get the gates out!
He was following me into and around the kitchen last night. This is a change as very recently he’d see me walk in a room and cry when I walked away from him. And even if I sat down near him, he wouldn’t come to me, he’d just cry until I went to get him.

On the subject of getting up on all fours, he’s also starting to pull up on things. The other morning I put him in the crib to help Allie get dressed, and he started pulling up on the side of the crib! So unfortunately I think it may be time to lower the crib mattress. This is bad for me with my back. Not to mention I’m short, I can’t reach the crib mattress when its on its lowest height!


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