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Happy and healthy

Peyton’s fever stuck around way longer than anticipated. I complained all week about staying home and burning through my sick time and there wasn’t really that much to do, at least not that I felt like doing.

By the time we got to Wednesday, I was optimistic when he got up from his nap without a fever, but then it came roaring back. We ended up taking him to the doctor that afternoon, where the simple stuff came up normal, no ear infection, no strep. So they did a chest xray, blood draw and urinalysis. All those invasive tests later, everything was normal and indicated a virus.

I think deep down I knew it was just a virus, but it isn’t good for a fever to hang around this long in kids this small. I also know that RSV and other illnesses are going around. It was so heart breaking to put Peyton through this. Especially during the chest xray, he had to be basically loaded into this mold in order to get him positioned right. The woman said they wanted him to cry because that would help them get a better picture. I had to hold his arms up and he was just looking at me asking, “why are you letting them do this to me, Mama?”

We were relieved that there was really nothing wrong, but I felt bad for putting him through that. But perspective came that night when I talked to my friend, who’s son is two months younger, and she told me he’d had (and in turn then, all of them) RSV. RSV is basically a really bad cold in adults but can be devastating in babies. I know a few other parents who are dealing with similar illnesses in their young kids. At that point Wednesday night, I had resigned myself to staying home again Thursday and not complaining as I waited for my poor baby to get better.

Thursday morning I got up early and headed to the gym for my run, and put on my jammies after my shower. Then I went downstairs and was told by Doug that the fever was gone! Peyton was in a good mood too. So off we went to daycare and work.

Now I’ve gotten back into the grind, just in time for the weekend. Peyton seems completely recovered, and luckily no one else in the house has gotten sick yet. This weekend we’re looking forward to a birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s house. We may also do the celebration we didn’t get to have last weekend. The whole time I’ll definitely be counting my lucky stars and thankful that my baby is all better and that he didn’t get sicker.

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Poor sick baby

Yesterday was supposed to be our little family birthday celebration. We wanted to go out to lunch, shop for some birthday presents and have cake. Poor Peyton’s had a fever since Saturday night. We thought it was teething, but I think its something more than that. He’s been pretty cranky and not too interested in doing much. We still went out to lunch, but didn’t go shopping. We still had cake too, but maybe we should have waited, judging from the pictures!
He did enjoy the cake though. Allie liked blowing out the candle for him.
Unfortunately Peyton threw up shortly after dinner! I think it was just because he started coughing and not from being sick. He and I are at home today and Peyton’s already been napping for nearly an hour. He was barely up two hours this morning. Today was supposed to be his 12-month check up, but I rescheduled it for next week because they won’t give shots when he’s got a fever. So we’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to find out how much he’s grown! I hope he starts feeling better later today so we can all go out to daycare and work tomorrow.

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Bath time fun

Because every kid needs to have the obligatory and embarrassing bath picture!
We decided to save time this morning and bathe Allie and Peyton together. Peyton liked it at first, but he was kind of grumpy since it was almost nap time and he’s been a little under the weather this weekend.

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Big boy

Who’s that big boy?!
He keeps doing more and more new things every day. Tonight he was moving up and down the couch and over to the hamper that was sitting nearby. I keep saying I’m not ready, but I know I can’t stop it!
We will do more of a birthday celebration the next two weekends, but today we decided we needed to do something on Peyton’s actual day. So on the way home, Dada ran into Target to get some cupcakes. I didn’t get a good picture of the cupcake before Peyton dug into it. They were snowman and polar bear rings.
Peyton was a big fan!
He ate the whole thing! I think he ended up about half and half eating the cupcake and wearing it. He ended up getting an unplanned mid-week bath!
He had quite a day. He fell asleep while I was nursing him before bed, and he stayed asleep while I took him upstairs. He hasn’t done that in awhile!

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Happy birthday, Mr. Peyts!

Feb. 19, 2013, I thought would be a good birthday. I was ready to be done with pregnancy and meet Peyton. I don’t remember feeling like any other day would be a good birthday.

But that day I left work thinking I’d be back the next day. That night I put another meal in the freezer and I had another one planned to do that weekend.

Doug sent me to bed early because I was really exhausted. But I was feeling better physically than I had in awhile and I laid out my clothes to go to the gym the next morning, for the second time that week. But I had barely settled into bed when around 8:30 I felt a forceful punch, and then the gush that I knew was my water, and I knew Mr. Peyts thought this was a good birthday too!
I love this picture. Once I’d talked to the doctor on call, she said do what I had to do and come in to the hospital. Doug packed the car quickly and got Allie up to take her to Bridget’s. She barely woke up.

Peyton’s birth story can be found here.
Its a bit surreal sitting here at 8:45 on the 19th, almost the exact same time this adventure really got started last year. It has been so hard but also so wonderful becoming a family of four.
Peyton, or Peyts as we often call him (the nickname was Allie’s idea, and it has stuck), is doing his best to grow up. He’s pulling up to standing on everything. He’s starting to experiment with “cruising.” He’s so happy. He loves jumping and “dancing.” I noticed last night he’d finally cut a fifth tooth. Various other teeth are manifesting themselves as bumps on his gums. We’re hoping this round of teeth won’t be as rough as the others. We’ve been sleeping through the night a lot more. Over the last three weeks, only one night did we have a long night.
Allie is such a great big sister. She loves sharing the bedroom with Peyton. She doesn’t seem bothered when he’s up in the middle of the night. The last couple nights at bedtime we’ve brought Peyton in for story time.
We’re amazed at how much Peyton eats. He often eats a bunch of his own food and finishes Allie’s dinner. I’m working toward all table food and getting rid of purees. He probably eats half puree and half table food right now.
Peyton is becoming quite the adventurer. We are going to need to do more baby proofing for him than we did for Allie. Sunday he was playing by the fireplace… I’m sure he will smack his head on the fireplace at least once. Its a little scary to know he will get hurt and as much as we try, we can’t prevent everything!
I forgot about this picture until I was looking through pictures tonight. Allie looks like such a baby a year ago too! She was a little big for Peyton’s car seat though!
Our first picture as a family of four. I love this picture even though its certainly not the best one of me!
Its so fun to look back at these pictures and remember how tiny he was and how much he’s grown. His 12-month appointment is Monday. He’s becoming quite a chunk. I have a harder time telling if he’s gotten taller, but I’m sure he has.
Happy birthday, Mr. Peyts!

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Catching up with kids pictures

A couple Saturdays ago, we had great fun making our own little pizzas. I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for awhile. Allie really liked putting the sauce and cheese on hers and made sure she didn’t have any pepperonis. Barbie had fun too.
We’re always trying to find ways to make Allie eat more, and this was a hit! She actually ate most of her pizza!
The kids saying “Good morning” the morning after we made the pizzas. Breakfast is the easiest meal to give Peyton in all, or at least most table food. Its still a slow process though.
Peyton has discovered the entry way window. I guess because it goes down to his level… he spends several minutes at a time just sitting there staring out, like the dog!
Sunday afternoon we enjoyed just playing around the house. Allie got really creative with her blocks, but she’s starting to get very unhappy with Peyton for disrupting her creations sometimes.
We finally put up the gate! It hasn’t really bothered Peyton much. For right now we have part of it between the living room and dining room and the other part in front of the TV. I know it won’t be long though until we need to get something up at the bottom of the stairs!
He’s really getting around and I’m realizing all these different ways there will be for him to hurt himself. Yesterday he was pulling up to standing and playing around the fireplace. I was doing something in the kitchen and he started crying his whiny cry. I came out to find him standing up against the cabinet that is next to the fireplace. I guess he had gotten stuck. I’m glad he was “stuck” there instead of trying to get unstuck because that’s a corner where he could have hurt himself a few different ways if he were to fall. We’re gonna have to do a lot more baby proofing for him than we did for Allie. Allie never really got into things and she never really messed with really scary places like the fire place. What are we in for?

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Small victories

This morning I ran 3 miles without walk breaks. It was my longest continuous run in a couple months. I also had very minimal shin pain. Yay! I felt way more normal this morning from the start than I have in any run recently. Hopefully I can try to build a bit and make a decision on some races!

We have had a glorious SIX nights in a row of sleeping through the night. I think a week shy of his first birthday, Peyton may finally be back to a good sleeper? I don’t know, I’m sure this will all change when more teeth decide they want to make an appearance. He still only has four.

Right now it is 26 outside. This morning it was 19. Yes, we consider this a heat wave right now. Of course we’ve gotten a decent amount of snow in the last two days as its warmed up. I’m so done with winter.

Last, but definitely not least, while this week has been somewhat boring, I’ve been happy with feeling like I’ve been keeping the house together pretty well (laundry, dishes and cooking) and feeling pretty relaxed.