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4K – The school, not the race

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Speaking of school, we’re now in the process of getting Allie into school. We went to an information meeting last week about 4K. Apparently many people thought I was referring to a race when I posted on Facebook about it. No, there is no 4K race that I know of… 4K here is what I knew as a kid as pre-K, which coincidentally I did not attend as they didn’t have it at our school until I was already in kindergarten.

They sometimes at the 4K meeting referred to kindergarten as 5K. I will NOT be referring to it this way! đŸ™‚

We’re interested in open enrollment into the Oregon school district. We really know nothing about local school districts, though I have heard that Madison is your typical big city district and not as good. On the flip side, I’ve also heard that Oregon schools are very good. We’re interested in having Allie go to school there more for the convenience that she could do 4K in the morning and take a bus to daycare at Bridget’s. This arrangement will be somewhat complicated but nowhere near as complicated as doing school in Madison and getting to Bridget’s. Also, Allie’s friends from daycare are in the Oregon school district and we are interested in moving down that way eventually.

In order to do 4K in Oregon, we have to apply first for open enrollment, which entails the resident disctrict (Madison) releasing us and the nonresident district (Oregon) accepting us. We also have to apply separately to the 4K program. We can’t even get a decision on if we can enroll in the district until May 1 at the earliest. The deadline for decisions is the first week or June. We were told at the meeting that if the district accepts us, there should be a spot in 4K somewhere.

4K programs are in schools and daycare centers depending on the district. In Oregon the 4K is in like eight different daycare sites. You indicate your preferred locations on the application and they do their best to accommodate but have a lot of demographic things to consider. The locations each are having open houses and Allie and I went to one on Wednesday night at Oregon Daycare Inc. Poor Dada was sick that day, so he and Peyton stayed home.

Oregon Daycare Inc, ODI for short, is one that the other daycare friends like and will put as their first choice. I liked it a lot too. When we got there, Allie went straight to playing with all the toys. I looked around at the area and listened a little bit as the teachers were talking to other parents, but I didn’t ask any questions.

Our biggest worry with Allie is that she is shy and takes awhile to open up sometimes. While 4K isn’t mandatory, this is the main reason we want to get her in a 4K next year to work on socializing. That and the fact that she will be older for her class because of her late birthday. She socializes just fine at daycare but in other situations she gets pretty skittish. The fact that she went to play rather than hanging on me was a big deal to us! She did talk to one of the teachers a little bit and interact a little with a couple kids. Allie didn’t want to leave when the open house was over. I think she’s very excited about going to school now! One of the teachers told me they see kids like Allie a lot and the program will help her open up.

There are a couple more open houses next week. We might go to one for the YMCA program, but I don’t know. I suppose I’m more laid back about school, at least right now. The open houses are good to get Allie excited, but I’m not sure we will have much choice about where we go with the open enrollment.

The application process for 4K starts on Feb. 21 and I don’t remember how long it is, maybe through the end of April. I need to get on ordering a copy of Allie’s birth certificate before we can turn in our application, which isn’t a huge deal. They said the time applications are handed in doesn’t really make a difference in 4K placement and even if it did, we’re last priority as nonresidents anyway.


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