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Last weekend was an adventure. First thing, and I mean first thing Saturday morning the blower on our furnace died at about 5:30 a.m.. It had started sounding funny on Friday but we hoped replacing the air filter would help. It didn’t, and then we had to pay the extra for the weekend service. But what could we do? The temp in the house dropped fast in the about 6 hours we didn’t have heat, 8 degrees! It was 64 when the furnace was turned back on, yes we like it warm. We’re all wimps with the cold, especially me. We were glad at least it didn’t die overnight and we didn’t wake up to 60 degrees indoor temp. We were lucky also that our furnace could be fixed that day. Our brand furnace was bought out and as a result isn’t widely serviced in this area anymore. Luckily the tech was able to get the part and fix it. The unlucky part is that our final bill was above the upper end of the quote.

But on to more fun things. On Saturday we bundled up in the living room and watched the Olympics while we waited to see if we’d have to find alternate accomodations for the night (have I mentioned none of us take cold well, especially me?). We took care of some chores. Sunday afternoon we finally got the family together enough for us all to leave the house. We went to the Fitchburg library, where both kids enjoyed playing for about an hour. After that we went to Culvers for a treat. Because when its below zero outside, the fun thing to do is eat frozen custard. It still tastes good! Peyton didn’t have frozen custart though, he had mashed potatoes, which he greatly enjoyed.

I snapped a few pictures of the kids playing. I’ve been using my phone more to take quick pictures and some of them turn out pretty well. I still prefer using the regular camera… but I have pictures on there that haven’t made it to the blog yet. Phone is quicker!
Just look at how grown up Peyton looks here! Well, he looks that way to me. I can’t believe he’ll be a year old next week. Time is flying by way too quickly. On a related note… we’ve taken to allowing Peyton to go out in his jammies on the weekends. At that age, its still way cute and socially accepted to go out in jammies.
Sunday we had planned to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Swanson to pick up our baby gate that they’d borrowed for when Cousin Tyler was at their house. Unfortunately, their water became a winter victim as well, so that trip was canceled. Grandma and Grandpa Swanson are busy people, so they very generously brought the baby gate to us Monday night! We’re really needing that gate as Peyton is getting more and more mobile. They stayed for a couple minutes and took a few pictures and then left us to do dinner and bedtime.
2 10 14 p
2 10 14 a
Allie was very happy to see Grandma and Grandpa. Peyton didn’t really care. He liked playing with Grandma’s earrings when she was holding him. We haven’t put up the gate yet, that will happen tonight. Our gate is a play yard and we use segments to gate off the stairs and the living room from the dining room. I’m hoping we can figure out a way to also use it to block the entertainment center, as that is of particular interest to Peyton in his quest to explore and stand up on things that will hurt him if he falls on them.


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