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A couple Saturdays ago, we had great fun making our own little pizzas. I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for awhile. Allie really liked putting the sauce and cheese on hers and made sure she didn’t have any pepperonis. Barbie had fun too.
We’re always trying to find ways to make Allie eat more, and this was a hit! She actually ate most of her pizza!
The kids saying “Good morning” the morning after we made the pizzas. Breakfast is the easiest meal to give Peyton in all, or at least most table food. Its still a slow process though.
Peyton has discovered the entry way window. I guess because it goes down to his level… he spends several minutes at a time just sitting there staring out, like the dog!
Sunday afternoon we enjoyed just playing around the house. Allie got really creative with her blocks, but she’s starting to get very unhappy with Peyton for disrupting her creations sometimes.
We finally put up the gate! It hasn’t really bothered Peyton much. For right now we have part of it between the living room and dining room and the other part in front of the TV. I know it won’t be long though until we need to get something up at the bottom of the stairs!
He’s really getting around and I’m realizing all these different ways there will be for him to hurt himself. Yesterday he was pulling up to standing and playing around the fireplace. I was doing something in the kitchen and he started crying his whiny cry. I came out to find him standing up against the cabinet that is next to the fireplace. I guess he had gotten stuck. I’m glad he was “stuck” there instead of trying to get unstuck because that’s a corner where he could have hurt himself a few different ways if he were to fall. We’re gonna have to do a lot more baby proofing for him than we did for Allie. Allie never really got into things and she never really messed with really scary places like the fire place. What are we in for?


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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