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Happy birthday, Mr. Peyts!

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Feb. 19, 2013, I thought would be a good birthday. I was ready to be done with pregnancy and meet Peyton. I don’t remember feeling like any other day would be a good birthday.

But that day I left work thinking I’d be back the next day. That night I put another meal in the freezer and I had another one planned to do that weekend.

Doug sent me to bed early because I was really exhausted. But I was feeling better physically than I had in awhile and I laid out my clothes to go to the gym the next morning, for the second time that week. But I had barely settled into bed when around 8:30 I felt a forceful punch, and then the gush that I knew was my water, and I knew Mr. Peyts thought this was a good birthday too!
I love this picture. Once I’d talked to the doctor on call, she said do what I had to do and come in to the hospital. Doug packed the car quickly and got Allie up to take her to Bridget’s. She barely woke up.

Peyton’s birth story can be found here.
Its a bit surreal sitting here at 8:45 on the 19th, almost the exact same time this adventure really got started last year. It has been so hard but also so wonderful becoming a family of four.
Peyton, or Peyts as we often call him (the nickname was Allie’s idea, and it has stuck), is doing his best to grow up. He’s pulling up to standing on everything. He’s starting to experiment with “cruising.” He’s so happy. He loves jumping and “dancing.” I noticed last night he’d finally cut a fifth tooth. Various other teeth are manifesting themselves as bumps on his gums. We’re hoping this round of teeth won’t be as rough as the others. We’ve been sleeping through the night a lot more. Over the last three weeks, only one night did we have a long night.
Allie is such a great big sister. She loves sharing the bedroom with Peyton. She doesn’t seem bothered when he’s up in the middle of the night. The last couple nights at bedtime we’ve brought Peyton in for story time.
We’re amazed at how much Peyton eats. He often eats a bunch of his own food and finishes Allie’s dinner. I’m working toward all table food and getting rid of purees. He probably eats half puree and half table food right now.
Peyton is becoming quite the adventurer. We are going to need to do more baby proofing for him than we did for Allie. Sunday he was playing by the fireplace… I’m sure he will smack his head on the fireplace at least once. Its a little scary to know he will get hurt and as much as we try, we can’t prevent everything!
I forgot about this picture until I was looking through pictures tonight. Allie looks like such a baby a year ago too! She was a little big for Peyton’s car seat though!
Our first picture as a family of four. I love this picture even though its certainly not the best one of me!
Its so fun to look back at these pictures and remember how tiny he was and how much he’s grown. His 12-month appointment is Monday. He’s becoming quite a chunk. I have a harder time telling if he’s gotten taller, but I’m sure he has.
Happy birthday, Mr. Peyts!


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