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Finally a celebration for Peyton!

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My kids have terrible luck with being sick for their birthdays and for holidays. Allie is 4 and I think she’s only been healthy for one of her birthdays, well, aside from the day she was born. Unfortunately Peyton is already trending that way as well. Two days after his birthday he came down with a fever. We were going to do some birthday celebration on Sunday, and we tried, but it wasn’t what we wanted and he was sick.

And don’t forget his baptism was snowed out for my side of the family, so we didn’t even have a cake.

Snow threatened to ruin Peyton’s party last night. The snow wasn’t too bad here, but down at Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s the snow was heavier. But we got a cake and braved the roads. The drive was a bit slower than usual, but overall it was fine, and the roads were completely fine when we came home.

On to the party…
Unfortunately Peyton has been a grump all weekend with teething. But he did have times of playing and being happy.
He liked opening his presents.
Hi Tyler!
After the first, however, Peyton lost interest in opening the presents.
Everything is something that you can use to stand up, right? Even Mama!
Peyton loves his cousin Katy!
Here’s the cake! I didn’t get around to deciding what I wanted for cake until it was too late to preorder. But it was also too late to bake a cake. So the next best thing is going to Target and picking one off the shelf and getting the appropriate writing on it. Tasted good, though the box said it was marble and it was very much not marble.
Peyton has had enough cake in his life to know that he wants to eat cake whenever it is near him.
But first we had to sing “Happy Birthday!”
Here’s Allie and Aunt Jeni!
Allie and Tyler playing.
Before we left, Peyton was finally in a good mood and let Grandma hold him.
And goofy Miss Allie decided later she didn’t want her picture taken.
With Aunt Johanna.
And last, but not least, Uncle Justin! Peyton really liked Uncle Justin, mainly because there’s a lot to look at with him and because his beard tickled! They were so adorable!

Yesterday was also Grandpa Swanson’s birthday. It was also Peyton’s due date. It would have been cool if they had shared a birthday, but I didn’t really expect them too. Happy birthday Grandpa Swanson! Too bad we didn’t get a picture with both the birthday boys.


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