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Wow! Have I ever gone 11 days without a blog post? I can’t even say I’ve been super busy… I mean, life is busy in general. The problem with last week has been more with a severe lack of organization. I didn’t really plan a decent dinner menu. We ate horrible last week. I got behind on laundry last week. I had a hard time keeping the kitchen clean. I never got around to blogging. The week wasn’t lost in terms of time… it felt about three weeks long! But I’m not really sure what I did all last week!

I mean to post pictures in their own posts rather than these “catch up” posts I’ve been doing… but here again I’m doing another “catch up” post.
library 1
On March 4 Peyton had his 12-month doctor’s appointment and I had a dentist appointment. I took a vacation day for the occasion. So we had to do something to make it work a vacation day, right? Bridget needed daycare kids picked up early that day, so we went to play at the library until it was time to pick up Dada.
library 2
We always love playing at the library!
aunt jocie
Last week Aunt Jocelyn was home for spring break. She came up to hang out last Saturday. She learned that the way to Peyton’s heart is to let him play with her phone.
We had a great lunch at Biaggi’s. I just love going there! Peyton liked it too! We’re starting to give him more meals with all or mostly table food. Italian is super easy because he’s definitely becoming a kid with his liking of pasta.
ice cream
Allie got an ice cream sundae as part of her kids meal. I remember a time when she didn’t care for ice cream… that is no longer the case!
sun glasses
Peyton was the cool kid with Aunt Jocie’s sunglasses.
Allie rediscovered her Disney princess dress-up dresses not too long ago. I finally went and got her Ariel costume from Mama and Dada’s room. This was her Halloween costume that she threw up on before we were able to get real pictures.
dentist 1
This is the season of appointments… last Tuesday I took Allie to the kid dentist. This was the fun play area in their waiting room!
dentist 2
Allie didn’t care for the dentist office. After awhile, I think she was being a stinker just because we wanted her to show her teeth. We got the dentist stuff done, but it wasn’t super fun. Next time should be easier. Peyton, even though he still only has five teeth, has his first appointment next week. Hopefully starting him earlier will make this process easier when he gets to Allie’s age.
standing toy
Peyton is getting so big! He has transitioned from his dolphin kick/army crawl to pretty much all crawling. He stands up all the time. He got this toy from Cousin Tyler about two months ago… he is a lot bigger next to it than he was even in that short time! He looks so grown up!


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