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After all, its March!

Its been a long and sick winter. We had Peyton’s virus three weeks ago. Then last week he had a little cold. And of course don’t forget our month and a half sickness in October and November where we all had the same cold twice and I got pneumonia. Well now both kids are sick with stomach bugs 😦 They both got sick Saturday night… Allie complete with throwing up in bed and a middle-of-the-night bath. That was a first for us.

We had awhile yesterday morning where Peyton wasn’t keeping anything down. Later in the day he seemed better, but Allie didn’t. We got everyone up this morning to see if we could all go to work and daycare today. Allie said she felt better, but I could tell during breakfast she wasn’t, and I was right 😦 Peyton didn’t seem right either even though he seemed better last night. So I’m home with both sick kiddos again today. Because why save up sick time anyway? Peyton went right back to bed after breakfast and is still sleeping, so I’m not sure if this counts as nap time or not. I felt bad that we woke up the kids this morning because I had a feeling we’d all end up staying home.

We are seeing signs of spring. Until yesterday the temps stayed mostly above freezing and a lot of the snow is melted over the last week. What’s left is mostly the big and dirty snow banks. I’ve gotten to run outside the last two weekends. It feels so good to run outside! Right now I’m sticking to the weekends for outdoor runs. I won’t go outside during the week until its warmer and/or lighter in the mornings. Last Sunday I ran 4 miles outside and it was tough. This weekend I ran 5 miles on Saturday and it was much more comfortable. Its always a shock to actually propel myself forward!

I’ve been thinking about if I will train for the Madison half marathon and thinking I wouldn’t. But with running 5 on Saturday, I actually met my goal of getting to 5 miles by mid-March. So in the next 10 weeks I could potentially add 7 miles to my long run to train up to 12 and then have a short taper and run the half marathon. I surprised myself with those 5 miles. Up until that point I was actually thinking I wouldn’t try to train for the half marathon. But now I’m not so sure. The prices for the Madison races just went up, so I think I’ll take the next two or three weeks to see where I end up and then decide which race to run. If I don’t run the Madison half, I’ll run the 10K instead.

We had a couple really nice days last week. Monday it got up to 53! Unfortunately we didn’t have time that evening to get out for a walk and it was too wet outside. Its still pretty cold right now, but the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 30s and 40s. We’ll get out for a walk on the next nice day because it won’t be so wet!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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