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The first day of spring here seems like it was pretty nice… I was inside working all day so I don’t really know. But the temp was in the 40s and more snow is melting than falling, so I’m happy! They said on the news this morning we had 99 consecutive days of snow cover this winter and that ranks high among winters in Madison, though not the record.

The first day of spring also marks what I call the first day of the NCAA tournament, even though they have this ridiculous play-in round now. I don’t pay much attention to college basketball during the season, other than the Badgers, and I didn’t even pay much attention to them this year. But we enjoy a good family bracket challenge.

Dada picks his with some sort of college basketball knowledge. I pick mine somewhat randomly. We did Allie and Peyton’s this morning. Allie picked by mascot and Peyton via coin flip. We did this last year too and I don’t remember but I think Peyton’s coin flip did the best of all of ours last year.

Peyton’s coin flip bracket features a Final Four of Stephen F Austin (a school I’ve never heard of), Michigan State, Arizona State and San Diego State. He has San Diego State playing Michigan State in the final with San Diego State as national champion. I don’t know that we have much faith in this bracket. Its already taken a big hit since he picked American University to win over our Badgers.

Allie has a Final Four consisting of Kansas, UConn, Arizona and Texas, with Texas and UConn in the final and Texas winning the championship. This bracket seems to have a little more possibility than Peyton’s.

Mama has Florida, Iowa State, Arizona and Michigan in the Final Four, Arizona and Michigan in the final and Arizona with the championship.

Dada’s Final Four is Florida, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Wichita State, final with Michigan State vs. Wisconsin and champion Michigan State.

Dada says all our brackets are in reasonable shape, but it hasn’t even been a full day yet, so we’ll wait and see!


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