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Queen Elsa and applesauce

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Allie got the Frozen book for her birthday. We had every intention of taking her to see the movie in the theater (would have been her first), but we never got around to it. So last week we bought the DVD and we finally watched in on Sunday. We all loved it! Dada was home with the kids on Monday, and they watched it twice, and on Tuesday, when they watched it twice again. I’m not sure who’s the bigger fan… Allie or Dada.

Allie came up with this on her own… she put on her Ariel dress from Halloween, these fun pink “high heels” she has for play, a blanket for her ice cape, and she asked Mama to braid her hair. And… ta da… we have Queen Elsa living in our house!
Adorable! Allie was asking this morning to watch Frozen again tonight after work, but we don’t have time for a full movie on a week night. Allie and Dada are close to memorizing the more popular songs, and Allie already has motions she does to “Let it go.”
In other news, we discovered last week that Peyton loves food in pouches and knows exactly what to do with it.
Applesauce in the pouches has quickly become his favorite food. If we’re going to give him some, we can’t take it out until he’s eaten everything else because when he sees it that’s all he wants. Its funny but also a little annoying. In general, I think he’s been on a growth spurt the last few days because every meal is one where we can’t feed him enough and fast enough.


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One thought on “Queen Elsa and applesauce

  1. Tyler loves his pouches!! He also likes buddy fruit pouches, which are like pure real fruit, and some Del Monte ones too. His other favorite snack is freeze dried fruit. It’s Mickey Mouse clubhouse and it’s right by the applesauce and stuff…

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