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My March mileage got a surprising surge in the last few days to push up to 45. That’s a record since giving birth to Peyton! My previous monthly mileage record was last September, when I logged 40.6. I was going to run 50 in October, but instead I got pneumonia and lost two weeks including my goal race.

I’ve been able to run outside a few times. And in spite of the fact I can barely run 3 miles on the treadmill, I ran 6 miles outside on Saturday. Then on Monday morning it was still warm from the weekend and I ran 5 miles outside, pushing the total up! It is such a time saver when I don’t have to drive to the gym to run.

My “long” run is now 6 miles. I am actually on the mileage I would need to run the Madison half at the end of May. Essentially, I’d need to add 4 to 6 miles to my long run. There are seven weekends before the race, which would leave six more long runs and a “taper” weekend, and then the race. I prefer to train up to 12 miles for a half. I could do it, barring illness or other issue that could keep me from running.

I’m still giving myself a couple more weeks to decide. The next price increase is around April 15. That leaves two more weekend long runs. If I can get up to 8 miles in two weeks… seems like I kind of have to run the half, right?

Its exciting but also a bit scary. I think its just scary because its been a long winter and I’m just now really getting started again. Its so different running on the treadmill vs. outside. But I’ve felt more comfortable every time I’ve run outside. I’m still really slow… but its a comfortable slow.

Hopefully I can keep getting outside and keep increasing my miles…. though that may not happen again this week since we’re having some super cold after the super warm. But this weekend its supposed to be nice and the weekend runs are really what counts in my decision about running the half.

Maybe this month I can finally reach 50!  As I get more comfortable running outside I hope to also add a fourth running day to my week, which will help my mileage and training too. It should be easier to stay consistent this year as Peyton is older and not quite so needy. Of course, we all need to stay healthy too! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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