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This past weekend was spent mostly inside because poor Allie had the misfortune of catching a nasty stomach bug for the second time in less than a month ūüė¶ It started Friday night, went all weekend and I stayed home with her on Monday.
badgers again
Allie wasn’t feeling up to putting on her Badger princess t-shirt for the Badgers Final Four game on Saturday. But Peyton sure loved his! He outgrew his old onesie so this shirt is brand new and will fit him for awhile, as the only size Target had was 24 months! Its cute though, has a pair of shorts to go with it.
p go badgers
We were bummed they lost, but I’m not sure anyone expected Final Four, so we were still happy!

On Saturday night, I finally figured out the solution to Peyton’s focus on escaping and climbing the stairs… just rearrange the furniture!
living room
Of course this will only be good until he figures out the way through, which currently is by going behind the loveseat. Its worked well so far, though its pretty annoying to climb between the chair and the loveseat to get through.
p sunday
I’m just loving Peyton’s big toothy grin. His front teeth are getting bigger but still have the space in between. He’s smiling so big in general these days too. He’s happy a lot of the time but also grumpy a lot of the time too.
a breakfast
We thought when she went to bed Monday night that Allie would have to stay home again on Tuesday. But she woke up with an appetite we hadn’t seen in a few days. She was still pretty run down and quite cranky, but she was happy to go to daycare on Tuesday.
no sleep
Peyton’s been really funky in his sleep lately. I took this picture Tuesday morning after he barely napped all weekend and was awake before 6 a.m. on both Monday and Tuesday. He sure didn’t look tired in spite of the lack of sleep! This week has been kinda weird in getting the kids to bed between Allie being sick and also some just later bedtime in general. Hopefully we can get him all back to normal on the sleeping soon!
We had planned on buying Allie some new shoes over the weekend.¬†Allie had said he old shoes were comfortable, but they gave her blisters.¬†We¬†didn’t get to buy Allie new shoes over the weekend though because she was sick. This coming weekend is packed with stuff to do and we wanted to get Allie out of her snow boots for good, so on Wednesday night we went out to dinner and then to buy Allie her new shoes. She wanted new Sketchers. These aren’t Sketchers, though she insists on calling them Sketchers. She corrects us every time we call them shoes. Mama and Dada were happy she didn’t buy real Sketchers, however, because these were $15 cheaper!¬† They still light up though. Why do all kids shoes light up?


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