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Running has gotten so much better since I’ve been able to run outside. I’ve gone from 9-10 miles a week to running 16 last week. That may not seem like much of an increase, but it is! My longest run is up to 7 miles. I’ve done it twice, this past Sunday and the previous weekend on Saturday. The second 7 was better than the first. I’m glad to see the improvement!

I’m slowly catching up to my monthly mileage goal. I’ve run 131.5 miles, or average 8.7 per week, which is still below my goal mileage of 11.6… but while I’m not sure of the calculation, I know I’ve improved that average since March.

I decided after I ran my first 7 that I’m not going to run the Madison half marathon on May 25, but instead the 10K the night before. I was so tired by the end and struggled to finish that 7 miles. I need to refresh my memory on proper fueling. I’ve always trained up to 12 miles for a half. That would have meant I’d have to add a mile to my long run every week. No room for cutting back or illness or life… and that doesn’t really work in my world right now!

The price for the Madison events increases tomorrow, so tonight I’ll be signing up for the 10K. I’m still hoping to sign up for the Crazylegs Classic, which is the weekend after next. But we’re still not totally decided on that. The Crazylegs is a fun race, but its really a logistical nightmare, especially if the whole family goes. I don’t even remember how many runners they have now, like 60,000 or more. I’m always in the slowest wave, so even though it all starts at 10, I don’t run until after 11. If Doug and the kids do the walk, they’ll be finished with time to spare before I even start. Its a point to point course so one of us would have to drop off the other and the kids at the start, go park at the finish and then grab a shuttle back to the start. So… I don’t know. I’d really like to run it for the simple fact that I want to run a race!

But I’m excited to at least have made a decision on the spring half marathon. And I’m not upset with my decision. I just didn’t have enough time by time I was able to start running outside and building my mileage. I’ll consider the Madison Mini in August. I’ve never run that half for various reasons… mainly because I’m not too keen on running a half in August, but some years its been nice for it! We’ll see! If I run the mini in August I can still run two this year, so that’s the plan right now.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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