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By the time we got to coloring our Easter eggs Saturday evening, we were all exhausted. Doug went to the grocery store to buy the supplies and I realized I should get the eggs cooked to save time… but we only had 5 eggs. Then one cracked while cooking.
But we made the most of it and colored those 4 eggs, one for each of us.
The funny thing is niether kid actually likes the boiled egg.
But we had fun coloring those four eggs anyway.
Unfortunately I didn’t think until it was too late that we didn’t have vinegar, and I think the vinegar works better with egg coloring.
We were trying to make blue, red and purple eggs and instead got one green and three pinks. The writing also didn’t turn out well. At least Peyton’s green one turned out green!
That night the Easter Bunny came.
Our Easter Bunny goes pretty minimalist. Last year we got more candy, and Allie ate it all way too quickly. So we prefer to get some little gifts and just a little bit of candy (and save the rest for Mama and Dada). Part of the fun we’ve found is that Allie likes to play with her basket throughout the year. So we’ve gotten her a different basket every year.
Peyton enjoyed his little bucket! He liked taking the plastic eggs out and putting them back in. And of course, chewing on them.
We got Allie the Frozen soundtrack and a horse toy, Maximus from Tangled. She loves them both. We’ve already listened to Frozen about a million times, and its only getting played in the car. The songs will be in our head forever…
The kids hunted for more Easter eggs, plastic ones we hid in the living room. Allie wasn’t too interested until she realized she’d get more candy.
Peyton “found” an egg too, but he was more interested in playing with his new phone and putting the eggs in the bucket and taking them out.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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