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Saturday I ran my fifth Crazylegs Classic. I went by myself since it would have been too hard to coordinate getting the family downtown and Peyton needed to be home for his nap. So before I left we took our pre-race photo.
I was going to try and leave the house early enough to park by the stadium and take the shuttle to the start, but the parking situation for Crazylegs can be very difficult. I would have had to leave crazy early and kill a couple hours all by myself. Instead I decided to park in the downtown ramp by State Street halfway in between the start and finish. I figured it would be easier to park there and I wouldn’t have to leave quite so early. I was right. It wasn’t a bad walk to the start and it ended up only being a mile to walk back after the race.
I parked aroun 9:30. I still had plenty of time to kill before I started running. The race started at 10 and I started around 10:40. I got a latte and then walked around the Square taking in the scene. The kids would have loved it. Hopefully we can make it work next year.
My wave was jj. I saw that the waves went all the way to zz, so at least I wasn’t in the last!
The weather really was perfect. Considering it tends to rain about every other year on Crazylegs, I was surprised the weather was so nice. It was warm but still a little chilly with the breeze. So I wore long sleeves. That ended up getting a little too warm during the run, but it wasn’t too bad.

I started really fast. I always start races fast. The first three miles felt great. I walked up the worst part of Observatory Hill. That’s a long hill! In fact, I was surprised I continued feeling so good because I started feeling a little winded and overheated as I got to the top of Observatory Hill. But luckily I remember I brought water and that helped me to recover.

My run was feeling kind of rough though even in the first couple miles. I was having some breathing difficulty from acid reflux/allergies/asthma. Maybe it was from adrenaline too. By the middle of the race it was getting rough. The middle part of the course is around a big parking lot and it just feels long. My legs still felt great, but the breathing difficulty was getting to me. And the fast pace was getting to me. The first and third miles were under 12 minutes, which is unheard of for me at this point! My second mile was 12:35, and that was only because I walked up Observatory Hill.

I ended up walking more than I wanted in the fourth mile. I recovered enough for the last mile down Old University. That part is always fun because there’s a group along that stretch that always plays Eye of the Tiger and gets runner pumped up for the home stretch. Once I got past there, I made the turn toward the stadium. I had to walk up a little hill right after the turn, but after that I got back to running steadily and even sped up.

There’s not much that beats running onto the field at Camp Randall Stadium. Probably running onto Lambeau whenever I run Green Bay again. But Camp Randall is awesome too. The last part of the race seems even longer than the middle part in the parking lot… running outside the stadium seems to take forever! But then I finally made the turn to run onto the field. It was amazing to finish this race for the fifth time.

My official time ended up being 1:02:29. My last couple Crazylegs have been faster. If I could have kept up my fast pace in the last two miles I would have gotten under an hour. But this time is faster than I’ve been running at all lately! So I consider that a victory. It was just a bummer I was by myself.


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