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Pictures from the last week or so, most recent first…

Peyton’s been very interested in feeding himself. Its hard to coordinate it though, his desire to feed himself while also making sure some of the food ends up in his stomach.
We’ve been very into going to the park lately. We went both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. On Sunday the kids enjoyed having the swings next to each other! Unfortunately at the end of this park visit, Allie fell off her swing. 😦 She was fine though.
From our Saturday outing, going backwards, playground…
I suggested Allie help Peyton go down the slide and she wanted to do it over and over and over. I love that she wants to play with him.
I’m going backwards here. Before going to the playground on Saturday, we went downtown to walk…
… and more importantly, get ice cream!
Peyton was NOT a fan of ice cream. He was, however, a big fan of the pink spoon. He held onto it all the way back to the car. And every time we got in the car for a couple days he reached for the spoon. It eventually fell out of the car and onto the street. Luckily he didn’t know.
Saturday morning Peyton slept until 7, which is always the goal for the weekend! Allie did not wake up when Peyton did, so I grabbed him and we went downstairs. Peyton started playing with Elmo, so I turned him on. Oh my gosh, it was the COOLEST THING ON EARTH for Mr. Peyts… for about five minutes, at least. Priceless.
His shirts says, “here comes trouble”… ain’t that the truth!
Last week Allie started going to a preschool at one of the local high schools, run by students in the class. Allie was so excited to start using her backpack!
Last, but not least, Peyton LOVES Allie’s soccer ball. That’s another thing that was in the car for awhile when we took it to the park and Peyton would not let go of it!


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