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I suppose it was vacation, in that I vacated work for a week, but it didn’t always feel like vacation!

We planned a couple months ago a long weekend trip to Minneapolis for the weekend after Mothers Day. I also had the vague idea about taking some time off work to clean the house. So I decided to extend the long weekend to a whole week of vacation and spend three days cleaning the house. I was surprisingly excited about it leading up to the week. I was supposed to get a little more relaxation than I ultimately got, but its OK. I got such a satisfaction in the work I was able to do in the house. Just another sign that I’m getting old, I guess.

It was a mixed bag week. It started on Mothers Day when we had to go buy a present we didn’t want and couldn’t really afford in a new dryer. Our old dryer started making noise a couple months ago. Hindsight is 20/20, if we’d pursued repair at that time we may have avoided the new one. But the noise started getting worse and I realized cracks on the inside were getting worse. The dryer started destroying clothes, stuff got stuck on the jagged parts and ripped holes. When clothes got stuck enough it made the dryer stop. That morning I told Doug we needed to research getting a new one, but I didn’t mean that day! But the one we ordered is on back order… all the ones remotely in our price range were on back order. Its not coming until May 28 so still another week and a half! So I got to add laundromat to my chore list for the week!

I feel very accomplished though. Just see how much I got done!

1. Took Monk to the vet for her overdue yearly exam.
2. Organized kids’ clothes, packed away too small and took out summer and new sizes.
3. Cleaned both bedrooms.
4. Vacuumed all the carpet upstairs.
5. Vacuumed the living room (and discovered ants along the front wall, eww!)
*This was just on Monday!*
6. Removed the yucky area rug from our dining room, cleaned the floor underneath and all the floor in dining room and kitchen.
7. Cleaned out junk from the basement.
8. Had lunch with a good friend.
9. Took a load of recycling and big garbage (including the previously mentioned rug) to be recycled/disposed.
10. Cleaned out the kitchen silverware drawer.
11. Took the car for an oil change, where it was discovered it needed an alignment (one for the hits just keep coming file, we always get unexpected expenses all at once! I guess this is Murphy’s Law?)
12. Cleaned the refrigerator.
*Exhausted yet? That was Tuesaday.*
13. Took the car for alignment since I didn’t have time for that on Tuesday.
14. Did some shopping with a Mother’s Day gift card and also picked up some stuff for the kids.
15. Had lunch with Doug.
16. Went to the laundromat for the first time in about 7 years. The good thing, I guess, was that total time was an hour and a half vs. a day or more to do all the laundry at home.
17. Packed for the trip.
*End Wednesday, on to the fun part of vacation… our trip to Minneapolis.*

Though I will admit, traveling with young kiddos isn’t entirely fun… WHAT?!?! Did I just say that? Yes. Its difficult to keep kids rested and fed well enough for the whole trip to be perfect. It was still an awesome trip, with multiple posts and many pictures to come. Highlights include swimming every day, a trip to the Mall of America, and perhaps everyone’s favorite part, trip to Canterbury Park for the horsey races.

Friday I saw the headline on the news that my office building had been closed Friday because of a fire. Later stories said it would be closed until further notice. Well then I got a call from my boss Saturday evening that a group of us were assigned to the Madison call center and my last day of vacation Monday was canceled. My department had six people working today and I was lucky enough to be one of them. The full crew will be working tomorrow in two different locations. Its sounding like we won’t be back into our building for awhile… a week or more. That’s going to be tough to deal with because the work station I was at today was not good for my skeletal system.

So instead of heading to the laundromat today, doing a few more small chores and finally getting to relax… I was back at work. Bright side I suppose is that I’ve saved a vacation day. Not-so-bright side was that I had to do the laundry at 8 p.m. Sunday night, which at least wasn’t crowded, and Doug is doing some quick grocery shopping tonight.

And that was vacation. In summary:
– I didn’t relax much. I did sit for about 25 minutes with a cup of coffee Monday morning after getting back from the vet. That was the only real relaxation.
– Most of the cleaning I did is STILL clean! And it was awesome to come home to a clean house after traveling.
– I was going to add a fourth running day to my week starting last week… didn’t happen. I did, however, make myself get up to run on the hotel treadmill Sunday morning. Bonus, it was actually a good hotel treadmill.
– We finally got Peyton in the pool on Sunday morning and it was sooooo fun, for him and us! He has the most adorable swim trunks and I’m glad I bought him some that he actually used! I bought him a pair last summer for our vacation and he never wore them.
– We’re gonna wait a year or two before taking the kids on vacation again…. or at least a couple months. Every time traveling with a baby is different as they grow. We’ll probably manage to forget the fun we had last time and convince ourselves to travel again soon.
– At least I’m a valuable enough employee that I was made to cancel my last day of vacation instead of having one of my colleagues who was scheduled to work come in.
– Oh, I also didn’t sleep in AT ALL. We’re a one-car family at the moment and since my errand list was long, I had to drive the kids to daycare and Doug to work each day and pick them up at the end. In Minneapolis a combo of uncomfortable bed and early rising kiddos meant Mama only slept til 6:30. Even on Mothers Day I didn’t sleep in. I think the latest I managed to sleep was 7.

And now to work on uploading pictures. I know I’ve been so great and posting lately… its not likely to get much better this week because I’m not surfing the Internet much at work when I’m in someone else’s office. I will try my best though because I’ve got some good stuff to share!


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