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Big day for the Durso kiddos!

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It was a big day here for the Durso kiddos. This morning Peyton had his 15-month appointment. He’s great! He weighs 22 pounds and 6 ounces, 44th percentile. He’s moving up the charts for weight, and I feel that every day! He’s really chunked out. He’s still a shortie though at 30.2 inches, 17th percentile.

The biggest news for Peyton though is that he took his first unassisted steps tonight! Its funny because we were just talking at the doctors about how he was going to walk any day now, and it ended up being not even 12 hours later.

Allie’s news is that she has been officially accepted into 4K for next year! My baby is growing up! The school was our fourth choice or something, but I didn’t expect to get our first choices since we’re non-residents. Her school is La Petite Academy. We’re looking forward to going in the next few weeks to take a look around! Its getting real here for school. We have to figure out how we’re going to coordinate once she starts school. The plan is going to be dropping her off in the morning and having her take the bus to Bridget’s after.  It was so surreal looking at the calendar included with the letter! She starts on Sept. 2!

In other news, we won’t be back into our normal building for eight weeks or more. Right now I’m working in a hot conference room at a non-ergonomic work station with a slow computer and teeny tiny monitor. We’re supposed to find out our permanent temporary location by Tuesday. All the rumors are of a location on the east side, which isn’t going to be very convenient for our commute. We’ll figure out how to make it work, I guess! Its too bad we won’t be staying where we are this week. I’m in the Madison call center, which is very close to Doug’s office, so its been a really convenient commute. We’re starting to get some information on how we can pick up our personal items from the building.


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