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Since I started the trip blog posts with Sunday, I figured I’d just work backwards and post about Saturday next. Saturday morning the kids were both pretty tired compared to how they were on Friday morning. We went to the sculpture garden first. Allie decided she didn’t want to walk, so I wore Peyton (which he wasn’t too happy about) and Allie rode in the stroller. We had a good time looking around at the sculptures and Allie even perked up to walk around.
We got some nice family pictures too.
We had planned to go back to the hotel for Peyton to take a nap, but we ended up driving around a bit longer trying to find a place to eat lunch. We passed the Old Spaghetti Factory and decided to eat there, but we were passing before they were open. Peyton had fallen asleep, so we decided to drive around downtown and see some sites and let Peyton sleep.
After a yummy meal, we were all renewed for our afternoon adventure: horsey racing at Canterbury Park!

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The kids really loved it, especially Allie. She has been obsessed with horseys for a long time now. The horsey she’s holding in the pictures is Danza, her horsey she got at Build A Bear on Friday. Danza is the horse she picked for the Kentucky Derby. She insisted every horsey was Danza. Her favorite horseys from Saturday though were Gracin Racin and Sophie’s Cupcake. Niether of them won a race. But we did put a few bucks on horseys in the four races we saw and we all had horseys win! We did OK on the bets… just a couple bucks at a time and we made back what we spent. It was a pretty cheap and fun activity to take up a couple hours. It did get a little dicey at times though because Peyton was tired and cranky at times. But overall fun. Canterbury Park is on the list of things do do next time we got to Minneapolis if we go during racing season.


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