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Mall of America and the zoo

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Continuing backwards on our Minneapolis trip… ending at the beginning.

Friday morning we started out with the Mall of America, since it was still pretty chilly. It was very convenient to get to since our hotel was right across the street. We walked over a pedestrian bridge to get there.
We got there around 9:30 before the stores opened. We went in by the Lego store, so spent a few minutes playing with the Legos outside the store.
Peyton was fascinated watching the rides at Nickelodeon Universe next to the Lego area. We talked about getting some tickets to ride a few, but we didn’t end up having time.
Allie liked looking at all the fountains.
We got to Build a Bear right after they opened.
Allie picked a bear and then picked a sound to put in the bear.
And then she changed her mind and picked out a horsey.
Then we stuffed the horsey…
And gave the horsey a bath!
We dressed the horsey in a cape with matching necklace and two sets of shoes. Allie named the horsey Danza, after the horse she picked for the Kentucky Derby. She held onto that horsey all weekend! She also changed the horsey’s name a few times. Right now she says the horsey is Sophie’s Cupcake, one of the horseys she liked from when we went to Canterbury Park.

After Build a Bear, we went to the Disney Store. I had promised Allie we’d go to the Hello Kitty store to buy her a Hello Kitty necklace. I have a picture we took by the Hello Kitty store when we went to Minneapolis in 2011, but apparently the store isn’t there anymore! So we went to the Disney Store instead.
Allie picked out a Minnie Mouse necklace and bracelet set and we picked out a Lightning McQueen car for Peyton. He was more excited to suck on the box!
We had lunch at the food court. Dada let Peyton try his burger. It was funny because he’d put his mouth on it, but he doesn’t know he’s supposed to bite the food off.

After going back to the hotel for a nap for Peyts and swim for Allie, we headed to Como Park in St. Paul for the carousel and the zoo.
It was Peyton’s first ride on a carousel horsey.

Then we headed over to the zoo. This zoo is a small free zoo just like the Madison zoo.

Peyton’s favorite animals were the monkeys and the fish. Its a good thing its a small zoo. When we were only about halfway through, Allie got really tired and didn’t want to walk anymore. She ended up going in the stroller and we had to carry Peyton. That’s getting to be a bigger challenge these days! Especially since I’d forgotten the carrier for him.

We wrapped the day up with a little play in our room. Peyton’s been doing this silly thing where he puts his Easter bucket over his head.


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