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Memorial weekend, version 2014

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We had such a busy, but fun, Memorial Day weekend. We tried not to do much Saturday, that day was more for chores.

Sunday, on the other hand, was very very active. We started bright and early with going to the park. Allie was excited to ride her bike there. As it turned out, Mama and Dada are excited for Allie to ride her bike to the park too. Mama had to push the big, but that’s easier than carrying and left the stroller for Peyton.
002 003
Allie loves her hat. Peyton didn’t care for it so much. His hat was one we bought last year that was way too big. It fits perfectly now!
004 005
Peyton always has a big smile when he’s on the swing! And Allie didn’t fall off the swing this time!
006 007
Dada joined in the fun too.
012 014 015
Allie gets more and more brave every time we go play.
Peyton played some peek-a-boo.
017 019
On the way home we enjoyed looking at the pretty trees and flowers. I love the flowering trees!
020 021
Next up, we had some lunch and Peyton went down for his nap. That was when Mama and Allie got to plant flowers! That was probably the most tiring part of the day. There wasn’t much opportunity to sit down because the porch was covered in dirt.
025 026 027
Allie posed with the finished products. When we were buying the flowers and dirt I was thinking we had one more planter. It turned out good though as I put more plants in each pot than usual and it turned out really well! Hopefully they’re not crammed too tightly. I took more close up shots of the finished pots but the flowers were droopy from sitting in the sun waiting to be planted and then from being planted.
036 040
The flowers may have been Allie’s favorite part of the day. After the flowers were done, we headed to Brat Fest for dinner. Unfortunately its another sign of my getting old… we got to Brat Fest and my first thought was “its too crowded, don’t want to be here.” It seems like so many other great Madison activities it gets bigger every year but its just too big. Luckily on our way in to buy our brats, we noticed the kids area next to the entrance. We were able to park on our blanket to eat in a nice roomy grassy area free of dust (it was very windy and Willow Island has a lot of gravel).
We had been concerned Sunday that Peyton was getting sick as he threw up three times. He ended up being fine though, not sure what it was, maybe teeth (that’s always the excuse when we can’t come up with another).
047 049
In the kids area were, among other activities, bouncy houses. We told Allie she could go in one but on these, Mama couldn’t go with. We were pleasantly surprised that she did go in by herself. She had a great time!
051 054
By this time it was getting late and the kids were getting tired. But we promised Allie we’d find the carousel. So we went. We decided just Mama and Allie would go on it since we weren’t sure if Peyton was sick and would puke going around and around, and we also didn’t want to leave the stroller with such a crowd around.
055 056
Then it was time to go home and go to bed. Well, the kids go to bed. And boy did they need it by time we got home around 7:15. Yikes! We’ve had so much going on poor Allie is having a hard time not getting enough sleep. Dada got to watch basketball after the kids went to bed and Mama got to go to the laundromat. This time took a lot longer becuase we had more clothes to wash. I got it done before 10 though and went to Culvers for the second night in a row after 10 p.m. It was a busy crazy weekend, Mama and Dada deserved rewards. I was planning on running Monday, but there was just no way. My body was still tired when I ran this morning!

Monday we went to a cookout with the Swansons. I took my camera but didn’t think to take it out to take pictures! It was fun seeing everyone though. We don’t see them nearly enough and they’re only an hour away!

Today we were back to work. The rest of the week doesn’t calm down too much though. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off because our new dryer is being delivered and installed! Then I get to start doing laundry. They told us at the store to make sure and use it right away to be sure its working fine. I will gladly do that… it will be nice to do laundry at home! The other big event is Allie’s preschool graduation on Friday. Where does the time go? Hopefully we’ll have a bit more time for relaxing next weekend.


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