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Sign #247 that I am getting old: I am crazy excited for our new dryer. Its bigger than the old one and quieter. I did five loads of laundry today and it went so fast! This dryer has some kind of “sensor dry” system that stops the cycle when the clothes are dry… rocket science! Four loads today were bedding, including two comforters and both comforters were dry in less than an hour. You can hardly hear the dryer when its running, which is a big change considering the racket the old one made for the last several months. I think the old dryer was failing longer than we realized. But there’s also new technology as well. This dryer had the function to switch the door hinge, which really helps in our laundry space.

On to sign #248 I’m getting old… I took today off to receice the dryer. I could have gone in to work a half day but I decided to take the whole day off to get the relaxing day I didn’t get on vacation. I cleaned in the kitchen and basement while I was waiting for the dryer. Then after the dryer I went for a run. After lunch I spot cleaned the living room carpet, put baby stuff away, put baby clothes in order and cleaned off the deck chairs. This in between doing laundry.

Lest you think I did no relaxing today… the most relaxing part is I didn’t have to leave the house! So Doug took the kids to daycare and went to work, and I started the day watching tv in bed. I sat down with some coffee after the dryer was in and I also sat out on the deck and read a book after I cleaned the chairs.

It is quite funny that I consider that a relaxing and satisfying day off. My definition of a satisfying day off has definitely changed in the last five years!

Tomorrow my work unit starts at our permanent temporary location. I’m interested to see what it looks like. We’ve gotten various information and I don’t know if it will be our normal work equipment or different. I hope we have  more functional work spaces… two monitors would be nice!

Our main building was open over the weekend in order for employees to retrieve personal items. I had more stuff in my cubicle than I thought. We had to box up files as critical and non-critical for cleaning.

It was strange going in. It stunk just as bad as people said. There were big air filter fans everywhere, carpet stripped, ceiling tiles gone, no A/C. This displacement sucks, but at least no one got hurt. And on the bright side… the building could use a little reno.

We’re not supposed to take any of that stuff to our new places because of the smell. I still haven’t opened my box, I have no idea if it smells. Once we’re settled I will print some more pictures to hang up.


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