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Today Doug and I took the morning off work in order to go to Allie’s preschool graduation! She went to a preschool put on in one of the local high schools and run by high school students who take the class. The main reason we didn’t put her in a preschool last fall was cost, but also because she wasn’t ready. She was definitely ready for this school and I feel very confident about having her go to school next year! Before we went to graduation we went out to breakfast at the Pancake Cafe, a favorite of ours. But before we went to breakfast, we took some pictures of our grad in her pretty dress! I am continually floored by how grown up she is already!
001 003 004 006
When we got to school, it was a little chaotic. First with figuring out where to go for the classroom! We went in the door we were supposed to go in but had no clue where to go after that. It was funny because the high schoolers were in between classes and we heard one ask, “why is there a baby in school?” We eventually found our way to the classroom, which was just a few feet away, actually.
That room was chaos! In addition to all the students, lots of parents were there and it was hot! It was fun though. After a little time in the classroom it was time to go to the ceremony room. They had these adorable cardboard hats the teachers made! Allie’s kept falling off though. After awhile she decided she wasn’t interested. I did manage to get a couple pictures while she was wearing it!
009 010
They had the band there playing as we were walking in! It was so fun. The ceremony was pretty quick and chaotic, keeping with the theme. Each preschooler was matched with a teacher. Each teacher read a poem about the student.

Here’s Allie’s:
“Allie is
Queen Elsa
The calm center of the playtime-storm
A gentle caretaker

That describes her pretty well!
After the ceremony we went back to the classroom for some cupcakes and light refreshments and playing. It got a little less chaotic at this point but not much.
017 020
Peyton enjoyed some playtime as well. Apparently he has many admirers at the Little Lancers preschool. All four other kids in daycare went to school, and Bridget dropped them off and picked them up. The teachers were more than willing to occupy Peyton when Bridget was loading and unloading the other kids.
021 022 024
Before we left, we got a couple pictures of our daycare bunch. Below are Ernie, Gracen and Allie.
In this picture, Ava joined the fun. It turns out Ava and Allie will go to the same school for 4K next year!
Right after the ceremony I wanted to take a picture of Allie wearing her hat and showing her certificate. She was a little grumpy and wouldn’t let me. When we got home tonight she changed her mind. So we took a few more pictures out on the porch.
029 030 031
We’re so proud of this kid!


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