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Long time no blog!

Wow! I can’t remember the last time I went two weeks without posting. We have tons going on, but not much worth writing about… at least not a whole post. And I’ll admit to some laziness… I don’t really like getting the computer out at night after a full day of work and then kids bedtime.

So how about some random happenings with some old(ish) pictures?  More fun stuff to come soon, hopefully.
Maybe I posted this one already… just a few more pictures that show me how big my baby girl is getting! She climbs around the playground equipment with no fear. She’s also really into her bike, though we haven’t had time to take it out lately.
Peyton is into his bike too! I love the just diaper look, so adorable!
One Thursday in the middle of June we got a note from daycare that the next day they were having an 80s day. Neither Doug nor I are up on dressing up 80s (I was too young, not sure what Doug’s excuse is). Allie decided she wanted to wear her Ariel costume. I looked it up the The Little Mermaid was release in November (or was it October?) 1989! It was fun to have Allie dress up in her costume since I didn’t actually get a picture of the full outfit on Halloween.
From the Mallards game on Father’s Day. Peyton is getting really good at walking in those shoes! Yesterday we went out for ice cream and sat outside. Peyton had a great time just walking around. I was mad I had left my phone in the car so I couldn’t take any pictures.
Over the last few weeks Peyton has been moving away from oatmeal for breakfast. He tends to like the sweeter stuff. In general we can’t take out any kind of sweet food at dinner time until he is finished with the nutritious stuff. This leads to conflicts between him and Allie!
His breakfast of choice is Chocolate Cheerios, same as Allie. It takes awhile for him to eat it though. It goes faster as the Cheerios get more moist.
Peyton has been getting more into pushing Allie’s inside bike around the living room.
So I decided to take the rocker part off his bike… but of course once I did that he lost interest so I didn’t get a picture of him with his bike! These last two pictures are actually recent, from last Friday. The others, I have no idea. I think I posted them in chronological order!

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A great Father’s Day

I have some amazing fathers in my life.

I don’t know which is more amazing. I’ll call it a tie because I can’t pick favorites.

In about a month and a half, July 31 will mark 21 years since my dad, Dennis Zigmund Danielewicz, died. Its so long ago, yet the loss still feels very real sometimes. Maybe more right now because I’ve been using Peyton’s middle name a lot more lately! I feel like a broken record when I say all the time I wish my dad could meet his grandchildren in person. But I have no doubt he knows them and watches over all of us.

With that being said, Paul is amazing. He is super extra awesome. You gotta give a guy credit for marrying into a family with eight kids!

Peyton sure liked him from the start! Paul was at my high school graduation, moved me into and out of college a few times, walked me down the aisle at my wedding and is a fantastic Grandpa, along with countless other awesome things he’s done for me. What more could a daugher ask for?

And the other great father… Doug of course! He is such a fun dad. He plays tirelessly with the kids and makes a great jungle gym. He pulls his own weight with baths and feeding and changing. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, father to my kids and best friend.

We started our Father’s Day last night with an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse, one of Doug’s favorites. This morning we had Dunkin’ Donuts (which Doug picked up… I offered but he said he likes picking up the Dunkin’ Donuts) and later I took Allie along for grocery shopping while Peyton napped. The later in the afternoon was the main attraction for the day… we went to the Duck Pond to see the Madison Mallards!
Pre-game sunscreen and hats! They’re so cute!
They had a petting zoo today! Allie loved it, but Peyton didn’t get it. The way it was set up made it kind of hard to get Peyton in a spot to reach and pet the animals since I had him in the carrier.
This was the best we could do.
I think Allie’s favorite part was holding the baby bunnies!
006 008 010
Allie liked the game OK, but she got mad when there was a game in between innings where they were tossing beach balls and she didn’t win.
011 013
The above picture was after the game Allie didn’t win. Peyton seemed to enjoy the game but he was pretty tired.
In between innings the ZOOperstars performed. The one below is Nolan Rhino.
The Mallards mascots, Millie and Maynard were making the rounds too. I got a few pictures of Millie, but no good ones of Maynard.
Allie didn’t really like sitting too long. So we took a playground break. She only went down the slide once and was done because she decided she wanted cotton candy.
So I got her some… and she liked it.
She didn’t eat much though, and we did NOT keep the leftovers.
It was pretty hot and sunny, but luckily there were a lot of clouds that gave us some break from the sun. We did have a few rain drops but luckily nothing major!
023 026 027
Here is Roger Clamens. I’m not really sure how he did this, but he “ate” one of the baseball players! That’s his legs in the next picture sticking out of Roger’s mouth. It was pretty funny.
029 031
More clouds! I’m really glad it didn’t rain today because we bought these tickets in advance!
The last ZOOperstars Allie and I saw were Manatee Ramirez and Whale Gretzky. Shortly after this Allie and I went to stand in line for the bouncey house. Dada and Peyton saw Harry Canary sing the 7th inning stretch.
Allie and I were in line for awhile for the bouncey house. Peyton got antsy so Dada took him for a walk. He’s wearing his new shoes that we got last night! I’ll need to get some better pictures. They’re adorable!
And finally it was Allie’s turn to bounce.
038 041
She went down the slide many times. It just amazed me because just a couple months ago she was still so shy and wouldn’t do this kind of thing by herself.
042 045
When she got out, Millie was hanging out by the bouncey house, and took a picture with Allie!
And here’s a tired Peyton.
We left during the eighth inning. We had to get home and do dinner, a bath for Allie and bedtime. I didn’t see any of the scores. It was so much fun though. We didn’t need to buy a ticket for Peyton since he didn’t need a seat. While its not a quick drive… its a lot quicker and easier to get into than Milwaukee! The whole day we spent less than Doug and I spend to go to the movies. A great time! We can’t wait to go back.

Today was such a great way to celebrate with the family! We had so much fun.

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Finally a race calendar

I’ve had vague goals all year of running a half marathon. I ran the Crazylegs Classic in April and the Madison Twilight 10K in May. I’ve been moving up in my training slowly but surely. A couple weeks ago I added a fourth running day to my week in order to up mileage. First I couldn’t get outside soon enough because winter held on so long and then it seemed like right away summer humidity came, so I’ve been acclimating to that. But while some aspects of training are still a struggle, others are getting better and boosting my confidence.

When I decided not the run the Madison half in May, I set my sights on the Madison Mini on Aug. 16. But of course I hesitated because I’m unsure of my training and whether I want to run a half in August.

Truthfully, I’ve also put off race plans just because I’m so stinkin’ slow. But I also need races to stay motivated. My motivation has gone up and down the past few months.

Well, I’ve picked my races and I finally have a race calendar! Of course I’m not registering for everything right away, but I have my goals and that is the most important part. It doesn’t matter that I’m slow. I know that, I never forget that. But sometimes it does cloud my judgment.

Anyway, I believe I can still run two half marathons this year. The two I’ve picked out are the Madison Mini on Aug. 16 and the Madison Half on Nov. 9. I really like both these courses. The Mini is through some of the most iconic parts of Madison, I think. The Madison race in November is the half marathon course I ran in 2011 in my first half after Allie’s birth. The spring half was a different course that I didn’t like nearly as much. These two races are also more affordable and better timing than others I was considering.

Upcoming races
Waunafest 10-mile, July 26. This one is perfect timing to finish up training for the Mini.
Madison Mini-Marathon half, Aug. 16 (as an aside, I hate calling a half a mini-marathon. But I’ve still wanted to run this one because I like the course and its become a popular event in its first five years. Its also cheaper than some others I was considering).
Zoo Run Run 5K or 10K, Sept. 28
Gilda’s Run 5K, Oct. 5
Haunted Hustle 10K, Oct. 26
Madison Half Marathon, Nov. 5
Berbee Derby 5K or 10K, Nov. 27 (I just read on their web site they decided there will be no post-race food this year because of the mess and expense. While I’d be slightly upset by that… they never had any food left when slow runners finished anyway).

Of course the race calendar is always subject to additions or deletions. One race every month except June and December. I don’t run outside in December. I thought about a race in late June, but it wouldn’t fit into the time I have left for half marathon training.

So now I have a race calendar… just need to register for a few of those races and also get a new pair of shoes!

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In summer

Yay summer! We’ve been going outside every weekend and I love it especially when thinking about this year’s miserable winter! There is so much more to do in summer.

I like to make a list of the stuff we want to do in the summer, or generally when it is nice outside, which luckily does tend to last into October or November. Some things we do every year, some things we’ve wanted to do and never been able to.

In no particular order:
1. Get ice cream at the Union Terrace.
2. Walk the Lakeshore Path.
3. See a Mallards game (we’re hoping to do this for Father’s Day!).
4. Make several trips to the Saturday Farmer’s Market. We still haven’t gotten there this year! And I’ve been missing my cheese curds since I’m not working downtown this summer.
5. Go swimming. We didn’t swim last summer because Peyton was too small. This year we will!
6. Take a train ride at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum.
7. Check out a Betty Lou cruise.
8. Take a MSCR pontoon boat ride… we need to do this because my temporary office is right next to Tenney Park, one of the places they have the boat rides!
9. Go to a Brewers game. Its been a few years since we’ve been to Miller Park.
10. Take a trip to Milwaukee. Discovery World is a favorite destination.
11. Take a trip to see the Dursos.
12. Go to the dream park.
13. Buy Allie a real bike with training wheels (and maybe bikes for the rest of us?)
14. Take a trip to Devil’s Lake State Park. We won’t be able to hike the big bluffs with two kids, but there’s still plenty of other stuff to do there.