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Finally a race calendar

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I’ve had vague goals all year of running a half marathon. I ran the Crazylegs Classic in April and the Madison Twilight 10K in May. I’ve been moving up in my training slowly but surely. A couple weeks ago I added a fourth running day to my week in order to up mileage. First I couldn’t get outside soon enough because winter held on so long and then it seemed like right away summer humidity came, so I’ve been acclimating to that. But while some aspects of training are still a struggle, others are getting better and boosting my confidence.

When I decided not the run the Madison half in May, I set my sights on the Madison Mini on Aug. 16. But of course I hesitated because I’m unsure of my training and whether I want to run a half in August.

Truthfully, I’ve also put off race plans just because I’m so stinkin’ slow. But I also need races to stay motivated. My motivation has gone up and down the past few months.

Well, I’ve picked my races and I finally have a race calendar! Of course I’m not registering for everything right away, but I have my goals and that is the most important part. It doesn’t matter that I’m slow. I know that, I never forget that. But sometimes it does cloud my judgment.

Anyway, I believe I can still run two half marathons this year. The two I’ve picked out are the Madison Mini on Aug. 16 and the Madison Half on Nov. 9. I really like both these courses. The Mini is through some of the most iconic parts of Madison, I think. The Madison race in November is the half marathon course I ran in 2011 in my first half after Allie’s birth. The spring half was a different course that I didn’t like nearly as much. These two races are also more affordable and better timing than others I was considering.

Upcoming races
Waunafest 10-mile, July 26. This one is perfect timing to finish up training for the Mini.
Madison Mini-Marathon half, Aug. 16 (as an aside, I hate calling a half a mini-marathon. But I’ve still wanted to run this one because I like the course and its become a popular event in its first five years. Its also cheaper than some others I was considering).
Zoo Run Run 5K or 10K, Sept. 28
Gilda’s Run 5K, Oct. 5
Haunted Hustle 10K, Oct. 26
Madison Half Marathon, Nov. 5
Berbee Derby 5K or 10K, Nov. 27 (I just read on their web site they decided there will be no post-race food this year because of the mess and expense. While I’d be slightly upset by that… they never had any food left when slow runners finished anyway).

Of course the race calendar is always subject to additions or deletions. One race every month except June and December. I don’t run outside in December. I thought about a race in late June, but it wouldn’t fit into the time I have left for half marathon training.

So now I have a race calendar… just need to register for a few of those races and also get a new pair of shoes!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Finally a race calendar

  1. I’ve never done Gilda’s run but all the rest I’ve done and enjoyed. I really liked the fall Madison 1/2 marathon last year. I thought the course was nice and the weather ended up being perfect (I feel like the spring 1/2 and the mini both tend toward being hot).

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