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This week we decided we wanted to go to a parade for our Independence Day. I was a little surprised there weren’t more to choose from. We decided to head up the Deforest. I’ve run the Freedom Run in Deforest several times and also played some band concerts up there, so we’re somewhat familiar with the area (I wasn’t interested in running a race today because its way early and its usually way too hot, though today would have been nice).

We ran a bit late getting out of the house, but we made it there just in time to get a great seat and take in the parade! The kids loved seeing the fire trucks and bands and other performers. Allie’s favorite part was getting the candy. We got plenty! It was nice to see her and the other kids sharing the candy too.

It was nice, but it got pretty hot sitting there in the sun. They had a lot of free activities after the parade, but we were too tired, hot and hungry to stay. We headed back toward East Towne and had lunch at Fazoli’s. Its a whole different world taking a walking Peyts out. He walked all the way into Fazoli’s and all the way out… he doesn’t like to hold hands and he also likes to try and take the scenic route. Still fun!
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