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A mid-summer’s flower report

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There’s a definite difference between the planters on our front porch…
… and the back deck.
Holy petunias! We picked the flowers solely on the basis of color. I didn’t realize until I was planting that they would get so big.
Definitely all the rain we’ve gotten has been a benefit along with the sun on the back deck. I had thought that the rain was sufficient for the porch, but realized too late that they were getting water, but not enough. I’ve lost a few of them now and not many blooms 😦 I’m paying more attention now, so hopefully the flowers will come back! The geranium in the middle of the orange pot has a very small bud in the middle.
In the picture above, those petunias are from the planter next door. Look how big those dianthuses!
The middle planter is overtaken by petunias and the marigolds are big and bright!
And this one is a petunia, geranium, dianthus and marigold. The geranium was pretty droopy for awhile but is blooming again. Its kinda hard to see with that huge petunia!
We bought too many plants and I had crammed them into the planters. I love it!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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